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  • Been a while I had re-logged here and... is it your feline? I do hope if so, he is well. Its picture might drive a few of us here to want to kiss his booboo.

    I dunno how that ear got off, but hope whomever or whatever took it down is also down in some way.

    (Well it comes from the owner of a 18yo elderly kitty that was delivered by her mommy on my knees and only breathing when I gave her first breath.)
    That feel when somebody says, "No offense, but your game sounds kinda feminist." I think it was meant as a bad thing??
    going for* that
    The game I'm talking about is my current project, which is not the crazy behemoth I posted a demo of a few months ago (too many characters, too much branching, on the backburner until I've got more experience).

    As of yet, this thing I'm working on now is untitled, because I suck fantastically at titles.

    And apparently, because my game features a female protagonist and a male antagonist, this makes it a feminist game and demeaning to men. At least according...
    Anyway, the game I'm working on is actually based on a text adventure which was my first game. It deals with gender issues and queer issues, and finding oneself. Basically, the theme of the game is that it doesn't matter who you are: It matters what you do.

    We learn this with a genderqueer character who saves the world despite not having the requisite manparts, a princess who overthrows a monarchy in order to establish a democracy, and a young man who stands up to his vill...
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The project is going well, it's just I rarely share clips and stuff 'round here
I'm now free to do the game make! (sees diablo 4) Hmmmmmmm...... I'm not free!

3d Yandere RPG maker game by labylin

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