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A Local Shop scams you and you loose nearly 1200€, and that amount being very much for you at the moment.

Its nice said that one can get broken Soul by such things or get Wise by them.

I would choose Wise, but the Soul shattering seems to start automatically first.

Iam shocked that at the moment, lesser things are able to have such a harmful effect on my body and mind.
So my team has a big upcoming event regarding our game, so I've had to draw like 20+ chibi characters so far to illustrate the game's mechanics. And I'm not done still... But! At least it is way less to do now.:kaopride:
show chibi.jpg
You have 6 numbers for PIN and 10 numbers of input. This means, for the rest of your life, you will at least never press the other 4 numbers.
:kaoswt: Doing this for 100s of dialogues over 100s of 3DCGs...

No matter how long it takes, the cliches of modern humanization still enrage me. :(


Random Person: Looks are superficial. It doesn't matter what a hero looks like.

Same Person: EVERY hero NEEDS to look like a human even if they're not supposed to be and it makes no sense for them to look human.

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