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    After Battle/Win Message

    Omg i skipped that screen entirely! Thank you very very much ♥
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    After Battle/Win Message

    Hi there!, i got a question : when I win a battle and the message of money and experience appears, I got a problem with the way it shows the group name and I would like to know if it is possible to change that For example: My msg show : "Dave of the group won" (Dave main/first character) And i...

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I've made a lot of small changes and fixes over the past couple weeks without actually making any progress on my I'm running out of things I want to change, and I'm terrified that I might have to start being productive again...the horror! D:
I made a mini devlog about the sprite animations I've been working on! You can read it by clicking here

What happens with this list, is it currently possible to buy any of these RPGMAKER at least those that are for PC?

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