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    Cyclone Map Editor - MZ and MV

    Hi, I'm rpgmmv user and after I downloaded cyclone map editor mv.js it didn't do anything, am I missing something? edit: sorry now I can use it, I don't now why
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    How do you organize dialogue when writing?

    Woah thread that very inspiring, this is my also my 1st experience writing story, since Scrivener paid so then I'm using manuskript- it's free, so far so good but who knows? still on early stage to say something about it :VXA2:
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    Long time lurker here -- finally saying hi!

    hi newbie here, welcome back senpai! :MV2:
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    Gauge Action System

    Thanks! post #33 by leoheart was greatly helpful with some adjustment have a good day! :kaojoy:
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    Gauge Action System

    hi @ShadowDragon and this is inside the skill note <setup action> action common event </setup action> <finish action> if $gameSystem.gauge("fishing").successPoint(80); $gameSystem.gauge("fishing").isSuccess; else break action </finish action> now the result is always TRUE regarding the...
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    Gauge Action System

    hi @ShadowDragon @procraftynation I tried to find the demo but unable to find it anywhere and it has been two days I tried to use it in battle but no chance, always gave me error, please help
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    Adding Image

    So after some trial I think I can achieve it with YEP plugin with common event, so it solved then just not with full report Thanks!
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    Adding Image

    Thanks! I have tried with slicing image as animation effect and not a fan of this way Thus from what I search so far I can do it as long as there is common event within battle sequence, so will try Yanfly plugin and update it soon :kaojoy:
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    Adding Image

    Hi guys, I want to add big image into battle animation but this image was the result, any idea how to achieve this without slicing it? This is what I would like to achieve, Thank you!
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    Hello, World!

    woah Thanks alot guys, appreciate it! I will try do my best! :kaojoy:
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    Hello, World!

    Heyhoo! I'm an artist both 2d/3d verrry passionate about game development yet amateur one, so few days I saw discount on Steam so here I am, not so mysterious guy that wanted to make another idiotic H game with zero programming experience! Just let me die tryinggggg! omae wa mou shindeiru...
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    Chrono trigger SNES style composition

    woah omg! your website and its contents were so amazing! love your works! :XP01B:
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    Chrono trigger SNES style composition

    Your welcome @arsenaultk9, I think 1 man really can do a very small things but the most the interesting is let's go RAMBO and win the battle - I hope lol, against "warlord and their companion" was never easy task but nearly impossible ups -OOT too much Hey is that your drawing? also beautiful!
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    Chrono trigger SNES style composition

    Hi there! very good music slow and exactly describe what you`d wrote. But in my opinion it`s need more stronger sense of feeling, what you need is more power of curiosity, more vibrant yet beautiful Break a leg!
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    BGM Fade In Plugin v1.02

    Hi, it's give me syntax error unexpected unidentified BGM fadeInBgs 100 any ideas? Edit: oh my god, please delete this post I'm sorry not knowing there is fadeout BGS already available

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