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  • in other news, totally love seeing people make fun of triggers on this very site ! it super doesn't make me want to hide my trauma that i've been working on for six years all over again, because it's ""silly"" and ""entitled"" ! :) /s
    I'm sorry that people here are awful and Don't Get It. They don't care that there's no controlling what becomes a trigger for someone in the first place.  :headshake:
    ugh sorry to everyone who i told i would download their games this weekend : ( i had a rly bad weekend and my long-term memory was shot the entire time. i'll make a note for myself for next weekend.
    Its Ohkae we forgive you meow :3
    had the Worst Night Ever a couple days ago, so i decided to do some mindless organizing for my computer. my battlers folder is nice and clean now : D
    i'm thiiiiiiiiiis close to being done with the intro for the game...... once i've finished at least a half hour playable chunk maybe i'll start posting about it !
    game character hub CONTINUES to make me want to punch myself in the face, its lucky its such a good compilation of resources or i wouldve given up on it a LONG time ago
    problem with GCH? i use it too, sometimes. :)
    its just a really, really bad editing software, haha, i love how it has everything as a database but its ridiculously irritating to use
    it is a little different, but i've kinda gotten used to it. :guffaw: let me know if you need any help. :)
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