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    Help finding a maker (Lune,, german site)

    ahhhh alright, thank you so much you guys!
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    Help finding a maker (Lune,, german site)

    hello! last october i saved some content by Lune on, and i can no longer find that user. can someone who can read german (or knows how to navigate the site) help me out? every time i find a link someone says links to lune's profile, it says it no longer exists, but i don't know if...
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    Notifications System 1.3 + Add-on

    @bluebooth worked like a charm!!!!! thank you so much :D
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    Free music request for your projects!

    i just got the track over email, and i'm in love with it!!! it's a very beautiful track, and exactly what i had in mind :D i'll 100% be recommending you to other people for music!!!
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    Shape Shifting Skill

    i've got a starting point for you, i've fiddled with it and there's a few bugs i'll detail at the end, but i believe in you, you can work those out (it's your project, not mine :P ) choose your actor (for this, i'm using harold) add 2 skills, one for changing into the werewolf and one for...
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    Homemade Side View Battler

    yeah, and the post is weirdly vague, and your website is set up oddly, and this is your first post, posted when you joined. i'm not going to download something that shady.
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    these are super great! couple questions: - are we allowed to use other preexisting sprite parts with these sprites? not the premade ones, but for example could i use looseleaf parts with the sprite bases? - do 18+ games have a definite meaning in your mind? like, are you talking just about...
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    Kaia and the Kingdom of the Green Valley (UPD. 12/17/16, Progress Check)

    this looks interesting! i'm downloading it, i'll get back to you when i've had a chance to play :)
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    As the Seasons Change

    this looks super cute !!! even though you're using RTP (so it does look a little bland) i see a lot of potential here. i know you said you were looking for graphical help; i'm not able to help with mapping or anything, but i've been collecting resources for MONTHS, so i have a huge resource...
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    RMMV Above & Below - Demo v1.3 Active!

    hey, this is nice! i'll be keeping an eye on it so i can playtest the demo :)
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    Christian Trivia Adventure Game

    This looks interesting ! keep us updated, i'm not a christian anymore but i'm a pastor's kid, so i'd be interested in betatesting for you :)
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    Notifications System 1.3 + Add-on

    hey! i love this plugin, and i ESPECIALLY love the closed captions plugin, but it's not working for me for some reason :/ every time i play a bgm/bgs/se there's no popup. the notifications plugin is working just fine, and i'm not getting an error message, it's just not working. i have an...
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    Free music request for your projects!

    @Eyehavey0u wrt taking money pay-as-you-want, I would suggest setting up a PayPal account! (outside link to the official PayPal website) people can send you money and from there you can transfer it to your bank account or use it to buy things from places that take PayPal (like rpgmakerweb ;P) if...
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    Free music request for your projects!

    1. Name of your game: I don't know yet! I'm working on it :ppp 2. Engine (2k3,VX, MV, etc): MV 3. Contact method: a message here would be great! 4. Tell me a bit about the scene and what the song will be used for and also if possible include the length of the music: I'm looking for a...
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    Free music request for your projects!

    hey! i'm super interested in getting a track requested from you, your tracks are great! would you rather me put a request in now and add it to the "queue" or wait until your queue is a little shorter?

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