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  1. Game Over Img Stretch

    Stretch's the game over png to fit No credit needed but you should thank TDS his/her battleback and title stretch inspired this. class Scene_Gameover def create_background @sprite = @sprite.bitmap =, Graphics.height) background =...
  2. SE Play on screen flash for damage snippet

    I apparently either have a script the removes the sound, or it was never there and i didn't notice. Either way, I couldn't find a snippet so I made it myself. All this does is play what ever you define as Actor Damage in the database, when you take damage from floor tiles (or poison if that...
  3. Auto Revive State

    My goodness this site sometimes... Fixed because why not. #============================================================================== # ■ Meow Face Auto Revive #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Auto Revive when dead...

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Anyone doing anything for NaNoWriMo this year?
Listening to, "Draum" by Eldrim. If you haven't heard it before, do so. Absolutely lovely, and utterly haunting.
Using Live2D is actually pretty fun once you get familiar with where everything is. :rhappy: And no, I'm not learning because of the Vtuber thing going around, but yes looking at those helps a lot to know what can be done :LZSlol:
[Maybe Sensitive] Personal thoughts on being "cringe".
If I were to say, being a creator also means getting cringe ideas on your project. But why would having one makes the work somehow "being bad"?

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