Geoff Moore

Hi there!

I make music for games! Projects I've worked on on the forums include bgillisp's The Book of Shadows and ksjp17's A Timely Intervention. Here's a recent track by me. Send me a PM or email if you'd like a quote and please check out my shop thread on the forum or my website for more examples. :)

Oh, and I made an RPG Maker game for IGMC 2014, Oh! Ko!, which people have been really nice about! That's Ko in my profile pic. And more recently for IGMC 2017 I made MOOP!

Thanks for checking out my profile! :D
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My RPG Maker game soundtracks include The Book of Shadows, A Timely Intervention, the Thorne series and Weird And Unfortunate Things Are Happening.
I'm offering free demos for indie devs and small studios! Listen/contact:


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I made these a while ago for my game. I took reference from various huts in Africa.
Have a great night! :D
I really need to buy a new mouse. Mine's keeps double-clicking and makes me waste A LOT of time eventing
How come there's no spooktober game jam? I thought horror maker games were some of the most popular genre out there...
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