Geoff Moore

Hi there!

I make music for games! Projects I've worked on on the forums include bgillisp's The Book of Shadows and ksjp17's A Timely Intervention. Here's a recent track by me. Send me a PM or email if you'd like a quote and please check out my shop thread on the forum or my website for more examples. :)

Oh, and I made an RPG Maker game for IGMC 2014, Oh! Ko!, which people have been really nice about! That's Ko in my profile pic. And more recently for IGMC 2017 I made MOOP!

Thanks for checking out my profile! :D
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My RPG Maker game soundtracks include The Book of Shadows, A Timely Intervention, the Thorne series and Weird And Unfortunate Things Are Happening.
I'm offering free demos for indie devs and small studios! Listen/contact:


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I'm currently being attacked by the RPG Maker Hydra: fixing one problem only to have two more rise to take its place.
Hey you! Yeah YOU! Whatcha doin' not backing up your projects? You a masochist or sumthin'? GO BACK UP YOUR PROJECTS! Sheeesh... Didn't think I'd hafta spell it out for yas.
now I need to determine, how MV determines if an auto tile is complete or not.
Edit:From what I can tell it uses Autotile kinds to do that.
Edit 2: The editor determines it and packs picture data for the engine....
Finished with the ground work for my class system, using Ellye's Class Change Equipment and Yanfly's Class Change Core plugins to implement an equip based subclass feature!
Hi people! I was wondering... Here in Brazil, we have a whats app group for we talk about rpg maker and our projects. A more informal way for we meet each other. Is there any whats app group out there? :)

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