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    Better Skeletons & More!

    Added animated specimen tanks!  :D
  2. GeoffreyD

    Better Skeletons & More!

    Technically, that's what I did. ;-)
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    Better Skeletons & More!

    Made some small improvements and added horny skeletons! The old skeletons might still be useful to someone so, contrary to my initial inclination, I refrained from removing them.
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    Better Skeletons & More!

    Ladies and Gentlemen:   I've lurked around the forums for about 18 months but never bothered to get involved. With the advent of MV, which I just picked up on Steam the other night, I thought I might try to become more involved and even contribute a little. Hence, this topic.   Without further...

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Wow, lots of RPG Maker MV stuff on sale on Steam for 50%-75% off. Steam, why you not tell me?!
looking for help on top secret project
The nick "Toeuia" that I'm using comes from a, idk, you okay the chess game while chit chatting them. The first two are students. Then you know, finally, the champion, and then the champion's sensei. I played like this so many times until suddenly there's another chess master. Very naive but super smart. After he lost, he kinda advised me not to give up on chest. Because the next one was never seen beaten. Touya.
I'm currently playing Ara Fell - I can see why it's had generally good reviews. The exploration aspect is pretty strong and the writing is passable.

The game auto-saves and offers an option to turn back just before each major combat, and immediately brings the player back to the last position saved when there's a TPK. Convenient at the very least.
This is Krizzirk Toeuia Aeslan, I'm picking up transmission. Draftwingeds on, duty on, exhaust ready. 310 Immulicationsers approaching. I'll take the cake and----hold it!!! My Cosvere Radar detected 3001 of them!!

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