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    What damage formulas do you use?

    Simple can be good, but I enjoy more complicated formulas even when I'm aiming for triple digit or low 4 digit max HP totals (massive 5+ digit stats annoy me, so I don't do that). That said, I list the modifiers on spells in the description, so you should always know "Magic Ball is 5x MAT" and...
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    Keeping Magic and Skills Relevant

    Normally I don't use progression spells like that for that exact problem. When I do, I make the higher level spells so inefficient resource wise that your main incentive to use the lower level spells is to not run out in encounters that aren't as threatening. In my current project, the highest...
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    How do YOU make Luck relevant?

    Honestly, I usually have Luck play into most of my calculations-- both for the player and monsters. Usually at a massively reduced interval, but I've also had it tie into abilities before. Making it tie into critical calculations via plugins also works, but I find that better suited to...
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    Greetings and Salutations

    Aloha. I lurk a lot and have been using RPG Maker since the PSX release. I am chronically bad at releasing or finishing projects. With COVID still in full swing and my ample free time, I've been pursuing game design (still as a hobby) more seriously. My goal is to commission assets because I'm...

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It's like no matter how much we change,
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Took a long, long time, way longer than it should to be honest...but I've finally finished the big content update to my demo!
Lots of not good things happening IRL but I'm not gonna let this day end like this. Quote time:
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