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    Testing if a tile is walkable?

    $game_map.passable?(x, y, direction) will check if the tile on a the map it's run on is passable in that direction. To check whether it's passable at all you can check all four directions (2, 4, 6 and 8).
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    VisuStella - Skills and States core: Skill Costs question

    Another solution that might also be nice, is that you can include the number of that item held by the party in the skill description so it shows up like below: with a code like Potions left: \ItemQuantity[1] (though it would require VS Message Core for that simple textcode) The solution you've...
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    [SOLVED] Holding CTRL makes it possible to cross walls. How to fix this?

    This is a debug feature that happens during playtesting through the editor - don't worry, it won't occur when playing normally after releasing the game.
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    RMMZ Plugin to edit the command window on title screen?

    Well the specifics depend on how you want it to look, your font size ect but generally: • To make it wider, add onto the width const, so to make it 300 wider you'd modify: • Similar things can be done with height - though honestly idk how to change the row height for a specific window rather...
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    RMMZ Plugin to edit the command window on title screen?

    Using Visustella Core Engine, you can go to Visustella Core Engine Parameters > Menu Layout Settings > JS: X, Y, W, H to edit the title screen's menu - I modified it personally to change the number of rows but you could just add onto the width and height variables to increase the size of it for...
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    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    I think you have to start your own - but unlike in MV, by default the plugin allows you to use your tileset and your iconset as doodads so most of the RTP stuff will already be there.
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    How to fight npcs

    @Zilvergrafix just to clarify, the second one there isn't doing anything. The multiline Sideview battler tags are used to let the enemy have multiple possible SV Actor graphics that get chosen from randomly based on a weight. If you were to do that, you'd want more than one graphic between the...
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    Translation launch plugins (7/15 done)

    Yup um, the links don't seem to be formatted correctly for us to access it. It's not just you. Edit: @slimmmeiske2 Yup it works now!
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    Translation launch plugins (7/15 done)

    Thanks for this. I've loved experimenting with the included plugins and the few in japanese are a little harder to play with so it's really useful to have a translation. ...also I love the examples with my fav hot vampire dude. :owink:
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    Quest system

    Well script/plugin requests would go in the JS Plugin Requests forum. As far as I know, the only MZ plugin so far for a quest journal is Visustella Quest Journal System, though some MV quest plugins may work with minor modification depending on how they're implemented. You could also do it with...
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    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    You can use either <Sideview Weapon: x> with x being the type. There's also notetags for having enemies pick from a selection of weapons, more info for that can be found here on the wiki.
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    Am I understanding the EULA for MZ correctly?

    As mentioned earlier by rooge, Gotcha Gotcha Games is a new subsidiary of Kadokawa. So technically it's still owned by Kadokawa but the credits are slightly different? I agree it's a little complicated so it'd be nice to have official confirmation somewhere and maybe a pinned post about it?
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    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    I doubt there's any plans for the latter, especially since there's an included plugin with MZ (PlayMsgWndCharSeMZ.js) that does exactly that.
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    Conditional Choices in RPG Maker MZ?

    In terms of a plugin solution - Visustella Message Core provides choice window textcodes for showing/enabling choices based upon switches (such as <Show Switch: x>, <Enable Switch: x> ect) so you could check the value of the variable then switch on a switch if it's true to have this behaviour.
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    RMMZ SideView Battler

    You seem to just be trying to use Actor3_8, not a distribution of several random SV battlers so it'd be better to use the <Sideview Battler: filename> notetag - in this case: <Sideview Battler: Actor3_8>

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