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    Change username

    I changed mine for Christmas and Halloween last year, before the forum update, and now I'm stuck which is a little funny. :P
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    Replace certain tile

    That's the ID of the Template Map you're reading off! Edit: Andar posted while I was typing, oops, but yeah, basically you need template maps, and that's the ID of the Map you want to change from!
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    Replace certain tile I believe this might be the one Andar meant, I use it for customizable houses but I guess it'd work for simply replacing tiles on a map
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    [IMG] Congrats on 10,000 Likes Nessy! (And Happy B-Day!) :ahappy::kaojoy:

    Congrats on 10,000 Likes Nessy! (And Happy B-Day!) :ahappy::kaojoy:
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    How to implement a sort of "stop&swap" - taking items from the game to it's sequel?

    THIS plugin can help retain a switch between two saves, so something similar to that would work! Maybe also something similar to how a New Game Plus plugin works! Edit: Ah... Sorry then, I don't know...
  6. Ghost of Christmas Kloe

    Pranks everywhere! Seriously!?

    I remember last year where we got pranked with the entirety of RMW becoming Breadified!
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    Double-click to select specific autotile

    Yeah, I always draw a circle sorta thing and shift map of that, so I see this feature could be useful. Didn't know it was in XP.
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    Allow options in Show Choice to be shown/hidden based on conditions

    We get puppies!? A-anyway, sorta like Himework's Plugin HERE but as an inbuilt plugin? That would be cool!
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    Move Route Command: Turn towards Event[EventID]

    Description of the Feature: In RPG Maker MV, the move route is awesome, but I always feel like it lacks a feature. It has the ability to make the event turn towards the Player, turn away from the player, but nothing for Turning Towards/Away from a certain Event. It would be as simple to use as...
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    Animation Preview

    Description of the Feature: Basically, when you choose an Animation to play onto an event, it's really annoying because you realise you don't remember which animation each one is, the difference between Fire 1 and Fire 2 for example. I suggest a little animation preview next to the selection...
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    Custom Quick Events

    I'd love to have this, you could customise how the chests are Quick Evented and maybe some sort of Quick Event- Save Crystal, so it would be so much easier than copuy pasting the same events over and over. It could be as simple as a new database tab with a Common-Events esc format but with like...
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    :ywink:Pure Kloe-magic, duuuh :hwink:

    :ywink:Pure Kloe-magic, duuuh :hwink:
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    I totes do! :ywink:♥:hswt: :kaojoy: This update is so cool! My links are borked though haha, I...

    I totes do! :ywink:♥:hswt: :kaojoy: This update is so cool! My links are borked though haha, I love the emojis and editing Status-Posts-Comments!
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    Marsigne's Cutscene Workshop

    Wow, those are really impressive, the fight scenes are amazing!  You're great at cutscenes Marsigne!

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