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    Looking for commissioned paid work for RPG maker MV but can't access the specific section of the site

    There is also the use of websites like Artists & Clients and Fiverr. Not trying to take away from the commissions of the RM Forums, but you have other avenues until you unlock commissions here. Lol I only know about these other sites because I can't access the commissions page here, yet! XD …...
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    Rules Resource Pack Licensing and Use

    From my understanding, you can, as long as you own the license to whatever RPG Maker whose materials you are using. I think that the difference between DLCs that say "for use in MV/MZ/VXA" etcetera, has to do with the formatting of the tilesets, characters, materials, and so on. For instance...
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    RMMV Orange Mapshot Plugin Help

    Thought I should update this thread. I figured out what was going on. I was not able to map-save any of the maps between 60-69. I don't know what was goin on with those 10, but as soon as I reached map 70, I could map-save again. Upon reaching map 80, I can still map save, however, maps...
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    RMMV Orange Mapshot Plugin Help

    Okay, so I tried using Orange Mapshot in a new project, and it works as is. I think I messaged this, but I can also use mapshot on the one map, in the current project. I know the plugin works, but I have no idea why mapshot would work on one map, but no others. It's weird.
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    RMMV Orange Mapshot Plugin Help

    Hey, thanks for the response. So for (1), I haven't added in any new plugins. I changed some events, but that shouldn't affect this plugin, right? Also, I just thought about it, but I recently installed RMXP. That shouldn't affect my MV game or the plugin, no? For (2), I will try that when I...
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    RMMV Orange Mapshot Plugin Help

    Hey everyone, I've been using Orange Mapshot since I started my project last year. Everything had been working fine up until last week. What's going on is I can not capture mapshots. It's weird, because I created some new maps last week, and only one of the new maps will create a mapshot. I...
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    Rules Resource Pack Licensing and Use

    I'm not sure if this belongs here, but since it does have to do with DLC and licensing, I think it should. If it does not, please direct me; thank you. Now, here's my question. Consider I commission someone to make a map for me and they use paid DLC (FSM, Ancient Dungeons, Fantastic Buildings...
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    RMMV Change parallax and overlay maps in game with Orange Overlay

    Sorry, wasn't sure if I needed help with the plugin, or if I needed help with something in the engine. Thanks.
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    RMMV Change parallax and overlay maps in game with Orange Overlay

    Hey everyone! Checking here to see if anyone has run into this situation, and/or found an answer. So, I am using the Orange Overlay, and I wanted to make a day/night cycle. Not to the extent of an active cycle, but the time will change when you rest or wait (at a bar, or inn, etc.). Does anyone...
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    FREE RANSOM - A Story-Driven Hostage Negotiation Game

    Your Discord username isn't working. Can you add an updated one?
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    TRADE Project Ebonlight - Recruiting for Intense Fantasy RPG

    Thought that maybe I should update this post a tad. So I did just that. Project is still ongoing, and we are still looking for more talent(YOU)! :D
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    FREE Gaia Star Looking for Team

    Well, if you still need help mapping, I can do that too. Just let me know! Also... @Questilda you probably shouldn't open with hating something important to someone's project. Probably be a little more... uhh... discreet, in that. Just a not. :)
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    FREE Gaia Star Looking for Team

    Hey there! If still needed, I can assist with writing, if you would be willing to assist my game with character pixel art? Let me know what you think, and I will add you to the Discord. Thanks!

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