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    AppCrash RPGMV (Steam) caused by Qt5WebEngineCore.dll

    Hi there, The software closes with no error message given and can also happen during saving the project leading to loss of the current session and sometimes corrupting the data files. Crashes can be within 5 minutes to every hour between crashes. Faulting application name: RPGMV.exe, version...
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    YEP - Actor Auto Battle AI - Reference Error "skillTypes is not defined"

    Thank you, I wouldn't have thought to change that parameter as I'm only dealing in one skill type. Further down the line, I might need that Parameter on but for now, at least it's functional thanks again.
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    YEP - Actor Auto Battle AI - Reference Error "skillTypes is not defined"

    For the test, the following plugins were used YEP Core Engine, YEP Battle Engine Core, YEP Battle A.I. Core and YEP Actor Auto Battle AI. I updated all the plugins to see if there was something that had been edited and this is the error message that follows.
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    YEP - Actor Auto Battle AI - Reference Error "skillTypes is not defined"

    Hi there, As per the title I have come across this error in testing out the Actor Auto Battle AI from Yanfly ( I have had no luck trying to get it to work I've obviously missed something so I need a second pair of eyes...

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