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  1. Eli Help Windows - Add help windows to the default scenes/windows!

    Opps! Excuse me Eli,i was talking about the shop scene.
  2. Eli Help Windows - Add help windows to the default scenes/windows!

    Very nice,the only problem ifound is that the position of the help and gold window keep un in the botton (i tried both option in case they were inversed). Keep up the good work and take care of yourself.
  3. RPG Maker MZ v1.2.0 Update

    Yes friend,i was talking about that issue.
  4. RPG Maker MZ v1.2.0 Update

    Somebody noticed some weird lines in the menus with the version 1.2.0? It happens in older versions with some plugins like the message popup window. PD: Im using the spanish languaje.
  5. TSR_MoveEvent

    Thanks you very much friend.
  6. MV Plugins Compatibility - Compatibility of RPG Maker MV plugins with RPG Maker MZ.

    It looks like the target of DK are the menus and items/skills/equipment. Other more than that does not work that well.
  7. Move Toward Player uses Pathfinding

    Just paste the code in a text file,save it and change the extension from .txt to js.
  8. Collection Of Snippets

    Thanks you very much for the advice,it is nice to hear recomendations from a wise person. :smile: About my project i dont know if it will be finished because i dont have a story and my mapping skills are bad.
  9. Collection Of Snippets

    Thanks you very much friend,added some screenshots and a link to Kotonoha site. Take care
  10. Gradient Wipe - old RM Transition effect, and more

    Welll is basically a patch for some MV plugins,most of them dont work. EDIT: Nope,it does not work. The problem is with the Plugin Command calling,it is diferent to MV. With some changes maybe it could work but it is out of my skills.
  11. Gradient Wipe - old RM Transition effect, and more

    Did you try the compatibility patch made by DK?
  12. RMMV Question about Hime Enemy Levels

    Thanks you very much friends. The last one worked perfecty. Excuse me for the late reply,i feel a little sick lately.
  13. RMMV Looking for a jobs plugin

    Yanfly Class Change is a paid plugin,for free there is Douraku Soft Job Change,just a warning. It is in japanese.
  14. RMMZ Counter After Hit Plugin Request

    I tested Hime Counter After Hit plugin (MV) and looks like it is working in MZ. Of course,you must use the compatibility tool provided by DK.
  15. VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    Yanfly,thanks very much for the work that you and your friends do for the community. Excuse me if im asking too much. But it is possible to add "gradient text" as a function for the VS Core in the future?

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