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  1. RMMV Event Template

    That sounds exactly like what I am looking for. I'm trying this out and it seems to work fantastically, thank you.
  2. RMMV Event Template

    How do i make an event that i can change, and have all it's copies inherit it's changes. I know "Common events" is a good start, but i am wasting a lot of time when i have a something like a push-block and i want to change their movement speed or note tag, or anything "Common events" wouldn't...
  3. RMMV Event that changes Tile

    Is it possible for an event to change a tile at a given coordinate to a different tile. something like $gameMap.??? = ???;
  4. RMMV Event Editor as JavaScript

    I know somewhere there was an online document that listed every command in the event editor in its JavaScript equivalent. Can anyone point me to it?
  5. Call common event, using another event's ID

    Alright, I'll give up on this fringe method.
  6. Call common event, using another event's ID

    I already implemented an alternative to what originally got me thinking about this, But I am still curious if doing it with this method is possible.
  7. Call common event, using another event's ID

    Is it possible for one event to to tell another event to call something?
  8. Call common event, using another event's ID

    I'm not looking for an alternative, I'm want to know how call that subfuncton when I know the event I want call it from.
  9. Call common event, using another event's ID

    I saw I posted in the wrong area and reposted in requests, I now have double posted. How do I delete one of them?
  10. Call common event, using another event's ID

    When a map event calls a common event, the common event has access information from the map event. I want a script that calls a common event, using the info from a different map event.
  11. RMMV Large push blocks

    Thank you, this worked
  12. RMMV Large push blocks

    what is the best way to make something like a log that takes up 3 blocks in a row, but when you push one, all 3 move together?
  13. RMMV Update a variable when the skill help window is called

    I'll keep looking around in the code
  14. RMMV Update a variable when the skill help window is called

    my skills have a variable in the description corresponding to the quantity of an armor that is consumed each time the skill is used. I'm not sure wherein the code the skill description is called, but i would like to put in some code that looks like this: $gameVariables._data[96] =...

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