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  • hey : D! your game seem so much interesting I download it for test it! maybe I will do a livestream of it later if I get time : D!
    Cool. I'm thinking of releasing another patch soon though, with achievements and an unlockable "mirror mode", so maybe you'll want to wait until that's out?
    nio kasgami
    nio kasgami
    haha maybe I just finished the game the boss was hard to beat but I loved the concept!

    and yes I will wait you have releasing the another patch : D !

    I hope you will have a tess 2 : D ?
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The only upside of this remote semester was the plenty of funny photoshop material those facecams provided. Not that I would do that. Ever.
New skit is up for grid battle system. Less tactics battle engine looking battle systems, more final fantasy/breath of fire looking battle systems.

Dororo wrote on Tsukihime's profile.
For the grid battle system: a function to check if another actor is in a given range - to trigger combo actions or benefit of passive aura/morale ranges.
Uuuh I cannot find any good RPG to play
Gimme some free RPG recommendations plz
I need to consume it
I'm in a need of excitement caused by doing literally nothing on my laptop and then thinking I did something useful and then realising that I didnt and crying internally

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