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  • hey : D! your game seem so much interesting I download it for test it! maybe I will do a livestream of it later if I get time : D!
    Cool. I'm thinking of releasing another patch soon though, with achievements and an unlockable "mirror mode", so maybe you'll want to wait until that's out?
    nio kasgami
    nio kasgami
    haha maybe I just finished the game the boss was hard to beat but I loved the concept!

    and yes I will wait you have releasing the another patch : D !

    I hope you will have a tess 2 : D ?
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I use this image as a joke with my students. If you are creating a horror game, this would be the perfect, subtle hint to the player that here there be Vampires!
So I managed to scare my chief. Between shifts I had an appointment with my psychiatrist, so prior to it I'd told him "If I ain't coming today, they've kept me there.". Then as I was asleep, my phone died. So I overslept and through the entire time I was unreachable.
I spent so much time toiling in VX Ace frankensteining scripts together only for MV to come along and just... have everything.

The overworld tool system in particular I thought was gonna take me a million years to recreate, but nope. Thanks Moghunter.
Going to go live way earlier than usual tonight, pretty much in 20 minutes, purely because I'm bored. :LZSlol:

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