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    Nested Loops not working. Bug or not..?

    I think I know what happens loop 1    if condition a break    loop 2       if condition b break this doesn't work well. The break in the condition a acts in the loop 2 preventing it to happen and then the loop 1 continues happening loop 1    loop 2       if condition b...
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    Nested Loops not working. Bug or not..?

    It's strange. I'm using loops inside loops and I'm not having any issues. I don't use variables to control the loops because I use them usually at conversations, with show options, if the option is the one I want I use "break loop" and it works fine. Sometimes i have a loop inside a loop...
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    What Types of Map do you Enjoy Mapping the Most?

    I like mapping cities and towns and planning where to put each type of building. Maybe because I used to play sim city a lot. Interiors are difficult to me so they are what I least enjoy drawing. I find difficult not to make all the interiors quite similar.
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    Interactive story seems to fit with your game. Telltale games like "the wolf among us" and "the walking dead" are games that are stories where you can make some decisions. Those games have action parts that your game doesn't but the concept is similar I think. Obiously with a very different...
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    Jay's Variable Mix BGM Manager Version 1.0.2

    Oh, nice plugin! I've just tried the trick you said. I'm using the same base loop with different melodies. It's fantastic. Thanks!
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    How do you manage your time/schedule for game-making?

    In my case the time I use for game making is very irregular. Some weeks I do not find the time to work in my game. It's a hobby for me and my job, family and social live come first. But sometimes I make progress in some aspect of the game then I become addicted to it and sleeping less hours...
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    POP! Freebies

    I would like to see a police station and a fire station, yes! But also pub/bar tiles would be great.  Can't wait for more pop! content, freebies or another store release!
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    Orange Mapshot

    Maybe you haven't downloaded the plugin correctly. It has happened to me with other plugins, look if the plugin is filled with expressions like </span> or other things between <> even in the middle of the help sentences. If that is the case you need to download the raw version of the plugin...
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    Can I disable the click/touch animation?

    You can use a plugin named "Destination sprite" by Dekita.
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    Tirian Massot / Cloud

    Hi man! Why don't you give us a link to listen to your music? What kind of scenario of a game are you plannig to create? Anyway good luck with your career!
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    DMV Map Buttons

    Yes, thank you.  I'll do that for each of the buttons.
  12. gizzmito

    DMV Map Buttons

    Is there a way to turn all the buttons invisible (for a cutscene, for example) and then return all the buttons to their previous state?  In my game the buttons change when you get some items, etc. So I don't want to reset them to default. It's not really a problem because I think I...
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    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    @Exhydra  Thanks a lot!   That works perfectly now.
  14. gizzmito

    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Thank you, that was fast! But unfortunately I have tried and it doesn't work. If I put something in the same event, the movement stops (well, the player doesn't move at all). So the condition never is true and the game freezes. It's the same reason I can't put "wait" in the line below...

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