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  1. change variable names in javascript

    $dataSystem.variables[variableId] = "insertname"; Probably works but they don't persist through saves though so you would have to call it again at load time.
  2. As I'm getting to know RPGM MV I'm seeing a lot of missing features from previous versions. Why is that?

    I mean I specifically said approved features forum too, you even have a thread there that was apparently "approved" but never done, as I said most of even those are bug fixes and most are still ignored even there.
  3. As I'm getting to know RPGM MV I'm seeing a lot of missing features from previous versions. Why is that?

    The real answer is laziness and greed, you can give excuses all you want about mobile compatibility and "ease of use" even though more potential options doesn't really make it harder, but they had the power to make their own official editor plugins and didn't. 245 threads in editor improvement...
  4. Custom object manipulation

    You say it's not a tileset, then is it an event? Just make page conditions, otherwise turn the building into an event with page condition switch. If it's some object made with javascripting then you should have someway to access it and a parallel at map start with conditional branch if switch on...
  5. Remove Member on Menu Open, Add Back on Close?

    Rather than the add and removing you can just use the guest followers plugin.
  6. I'm using Yanfly's Party Manager and am running into a problem.

    You can probably use Yanfly Skill Core and use the custom show/requirement notetags.
  7. MV3D - 3D rendering for RMMV with Babylon.js

    $gameMap.eventsXyNt(x, y); That will return an array of events at that x, y.
  8. Map Screen Plugin Request

    You can do it, but the room entering would naturally be more work, you can use a variable per map and at the start of the game for every variable you use, use the change variable command set to script and put in []; Then don't use them for anything but map unlocks, then you would have to either...
  9. Map Screen Plugin Request

    It depends on what you are trying to do, if you want to draw a big map composed of multiple maps with parts that get filled in by acquiring map items, easily, can even make it scroll by using move picture commands when movement buttons are pressed. If you want fog of war per step that would be a...
  10. Map Screen Plugin Request

    You can change the switches to whatever you want, then just turn on that switch before the mini game.
  11. Map Screen Plugin Request

    I mean if that above doesn't work for said mini game you can just add an extra switch check. if (!$gameMap.isEventRunning() && !SceneManager.isSceneChanging() && !$gameSwitches.value(1) && !$gameSwitches.value(2)) $gameSwitches.setValue(1, true); In that case if switch 2 is on it won't toggle...
  12. Map Screen Plugin Request

    Not sure what you mean, if you change that in plugin file to that it won't turn on switch if an event is playing when you hit the key.
  13. Map Screen Plugin Request

    Change Input.myActions = function(key) { switch(key) { case 1: if (!$gameMap.isEventRunning() && !SceneManager.isSceneChanging() && !$gameSwitches.value(1)) $gameSwitches.setValue(1, true); break; } };
  14. Shows face in shared common events

    You would need to know how to script to do this, but you can make an array of all NPCs in the game with a face name and face index then use $gameMessage.setFaceImage(array[mapId, eventId].faceName, array[mapId, eventId].faceIndex), probably would need to edit the function that shows text with...
  15. Map Screen Plugin Request

    You can turn it off in the common event by waiting for input with a conditional branch, turn it off when button ok is pressed for example and erase all pictures. Here's a common event example if switch 1 turns it on. Oh and put wait 1 at the top or else it will lag.

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