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  • My god, the Brazilian Portuguese translation on RMMV is so awful...

    I had to change to the English translation that looks a lot more nicer.
    Sorry dude...
    Man, RMMV 1.2.0 has came and my country still suffers from Degica's faulty translation...
    Victor Sant
    Victor Sant
    v 1.2.0 had no update on translations, it was already said that the translations will be worked on after v 1.3.0 because it will add things that will also need to be translated.
    Also Degica didn't translate it but KDKW.
    @Victor Sant Oh, now I understand. But still, it's a shame that my country will have the same translation from the first version...

    @Archeia Wow, I'm so honored now after receiving an answer from the RPG Maker waifu.

    Wait, Kadokawa translated MV? So that's even worse! dayum, so many errors in the Portuguese translation, and it's a surprise that's coming directly from the people who made RPG Maker.

    Also, I heard you made a cameo on a video for Yanfly's Enhanced TP plugin. Could you stop by the topic below and help me plz?
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