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  • TIL holding CTRL and moving around in Test Mode lets you walk through stuff and ignore collision. Was confused at first since I was fat fingering CTRL and SHIFT, and was wondering why I was able to ignore collision while running lol.
    I wrote a script everything worked fine until IDs and Names weren't being stored/called proper.. Turns out I used ' j ' instead of ' i ' for grabbing array element. 2 days of bug testing and rewriting to overlook a single little letter. I'm changing my default loop variables. Any recommendations? Maybe n & m? Kidding lol.
    You could call them "outerLoop" and "innerLoop".
    That could definitely work.
    It would seem learning JS is not a know it all for making plugins. While it has enabled me to understand what I'm looking at, I still have to find the relevant information in the core scripts. This is much harder than learning JS IMO.
    It is, yes. Simply because you need to know the entire library of RPG Maker MV's JS (all the functions, objects, parameters, etc etc). And the engine is pretty massive, so it takes alot of times. I also don't know everything yet, I just know some functions and objects because I had to deal with them, still learning too !
    That's a thing for programming languages in general.
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It's been a while again, eh.
It's all over! ep 27 now I got find some other long RPG to play, any reccomendations?
Shaz wrote on Avery's profile.
I need some of whatever you've been drinking for the last few weeks!
Although I love your awesome tutorials and always want more, I sure hope you're not going to burn yourself out.
Has anyone else ever thought about how the title of Gym Leader is usually hereditary? Usually the gym leaders child or sibling becomes the next gym leader. Not always, but usually. Pokémon nepotism
I have a new profile photo and I'm loving the heck out of it! Thanks @Finnuval :kaopride:

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