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  1. Change "Attack Motions"

    Quest solved, thread can be closed.
  2. Change "Attack Motions"

    The plugin is still needed, however various approaches are possible: - Motion change with class notetags - Motion change with plugin command - More motion types per weapon with different conditions Actually any way to change the motion would probably solve my problem. Would really...
  3. Change "Attack Motions"

    Still looking for a plugin like that.
  4. Change "Attack Motions"

    Maybe I didn't make clear what I want: I want to make only one weapon type(Soul), and based on the class, the displayed weapon should be varying: Since every class has seperate skills, the motion could be skill dependent as well. I guess there will most likely be no way to do this...
  5. Enhanced Skill Description

    Addition: I completly forgot about the default downsize [ \} ], sadly that is way to much. I now changed the resolution to 1920*1080, which is my native display resolution, everything looks rather empty, but the descriptions are perfect. I'm still looking for the option to scale the...
  6. Yanfly row formation help

    There is an option called "Adjust Relative" in the plugin parameters(at the very end), otherwise you have to organize them in the "Troops" menue. Keep in mind that altering an enemie position like <Push Back Target Row: 1> will push the target a fixed distance away. If you choose to...
  7. Change "Attack Motions"

    I would like to know, if there is a way to change the attack motion without equipping a different weapon. Altering the motion action(swing, thrust, missile) could be done with "Action Sequences", but I haven't found a way to change the weapon displayed(exept no weapon at all). The ideal...
  8. YEP - Row Formation (Lunatic Mode)

    The error is: Range Error Maximum call stack size exceeded @Mackyoh yeah, forgot the last line, but it should work without it as well
  9. YEP - Row Formation (Lunatic Mode)

    <Physical Taunt> <Custom Row Condition> if (user.isEnemy()) { if ($gameTroop.rowAliveSize(1) == 0) { condition = true; } else condition = false; } </Custom Row Condition> This way, enemies in row 2 get the state if all enemies in row 1 died(or row 1 doesn't exist), your party will...
  10. Enhanced Skill Description

    Thanks a lot for the answers! @Kloe I'm using Gab Windows for a little chit-chat in battle, how can this plugin alter the skill description? But Galves plugin is just perfect, I can't wait to create some good looking graphics for that. Since it's doing much more than I needed, I don't even...
  11. Enhanced Skill Description

    Heyho RPG Maker community, I would like to enhance the description of skills in 2 ways: 1. More space, add a third line to the description, or scale down the size of letters. 2. Show the estimated damage done (without taking the enemies defenses into account). I'm using Yanflys...
  12. D&D-like experience and main character can't be changed.

    Second one can be done with Yanflys "Party System", the cherry on the top, your formation window will look much smoother. Use the plugin command: LockActor 1
  13. Equip Skill System

    Nice plugin, having a blast to balance the game with this! Just encountered an issue: When using Yanflys "Auto Passive States" and giving a skill the passive state to unlock 3 skill slots(e.g. Unlock Pyromancy), they do not appear right away, but if you swap "Unlock Pyromancy" with "Unlock...
  14. problem with Item Upgrade Slots plugin

    Yep, but you should remember that the variance for every item will be set to zero, however the <Slot Variance: X> notetag will overwrite the default settings.
  15. problem with Item Upgrade Slots plugin

    I think you haven't changed the default setting for variance. Either you add tthis as a notetag: <Slot Variance: 0>Or you change the default setting in the plugin parameters(Slot Variance).

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