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  • Just when you thought Degica can't make video integration any more complicated since VX Ace, they decide to require the webm format...
    Last month has been a good month for me and my RPG development and thus..
    - All my current donations on ******* are doubled!
    (Except for @byBibo, which is now tripled, as I can't seem to input a custom amount.

    Furthermore, payments to artists are now sent monthly, rather than per rescource pack to ensure a steady donation.
    So many plugin ideas, so little javascript knowledge.. thats my bain right now.

    And its 12:30 am, I should be working...
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This guy makes so many good hip hop tracks!
can't use certain things with SRDude's Battle Status Customizer? make the gauges show it lol. I got the gauges to show Olivia's Boost Points and other stuff.
Seeing people still using Kaus tiles with stolen contents makes me sad.
Microsoft tools are a blessing and a curse. They're great, but also insanely restrictive :/
When you feel annoyed by all the jokes and fake news, since in your country April's 1 is just a regular day...

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