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  • Does anyone else have Steam games that they haven't played just sitting in their library?
    I've played every game in my steam library.  But, I rarely buy anything from there.  My gaming addiction is typically satisfied with a few GREAT GAMES instead of hundreds of terrible ones.
    8bitboy. No idea where it came from, but it's there. Aside from that I don't really play many games on steam, with the exception of StardewValley and The Binding of Isaac Rebirth. 
    I have some which I bought in summer sales from 4-5 years ago still untouched. :D
    I must be working on my game a lot, because I pulled a muscle in my wrist. Well, looks like no typing for a couple of days.
    Matt Mats
    Matt Mats
    Well, at least you worked so much that you got visible (and tangible) results.

    Get well soon ^__^
    Yappy Monoxide
    Finally learned how to do status updates! (thanks @Yappy Monoxide  :) )
    I'm looking forward to sharing my project with you all soon! It is my first "real" game, and I know it won't be anything fancy, but I hope you all enjoy it nonetheless! 
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I keep forgetting how much I hate how VX-MV implements fences and autotile tables.
Big 10:40 composition of mine! I'll be using this for a big city in my current project! This track is huge, and took me one entire month of full time work to complete. If you want more info, like on the lyrics, check out this thread.
Balancing the Damage numbers in my Game's Battle System makes me feel like I'm some kind of a Math Genius @_@
Remember, you can enter up to THREE effects for a chance to win a copy of MZ! Only 11 submissions so far, the chances of winning is high! :D

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