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  • Today finished the 4 main characters of the game. :D Now it's time to get the first few maps ready to upload the updated demo. ;) (\ô/)
    There'll be a change in my game I posted much earlier. Now there aren't just 2 chars, now there are 4. The fun has been doubled. :D (\ô/)
    Finally a new PC build. 
    Now PC looks like:
    Palit GTX 1060 3 GB Dual Fan
    AMD FX 8300 @ 3.6 GHz
    16 GB DDR3-1866 RAM 10-10-10-30

    Every game runs 1080p 60 FPS and almost all games run on 1440p on 60 FPS too. :D
    Even 4K is often playable with 30+ FPS. :D (\ô/)
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    SLi and Crossfire in most part is pointless, uses extra power, causes stutters and costs extra. Vega should do well, mainly on AM4 boards, HBM2 is going to be a game changer once it is in more software. Only time multi-GPU setups is worth it is for Render farms, Virtual machines and scientific workstations.
    Gothic Lolita
    Gothic Lolita
    To be honest, SLI or crossfire was never something I wanted to build. :|
    The extra power is not worth it. The only reason, why I considered the 2 GTX 1070's before, was because that way I can buy one earlier and a second one later. :)
    But I prefer the GTX 1080 Ti. ;)
    Before I can buy any of these, Vega would be released for sure and I can compare them. :) (\ô/)
    I think Vega is coming out in about 2 months, same time as the R5 CPU's, not sure. Two GPU's will make sense for you, since you want to do content creation, take the workload off your display while the other one render the previews and work. I'm sure that there will be issues with performance on release, same thing as what happened with the RX480 until better drivers came out.
    After years of abscence, I'm back, but probably with bad news. :/
    I don't think I can catch some time finishing my game. :(
    It's simply to much for me right now. :'( (\ô/)
    Again my life has taken a turn to worse. :/
    Was so happy, that I finally managed a lot of things and suddenly my mum collapsed a week ago and is still not much better. :'(
    Somehow I think bad luck searches for me. :(
    That's why I couldn't finish anything on my project, even that sounds kinda like lame excuses. :( (\ô/)
    Gothic Lolita
    Gothic Lolita
    I know, but even for myself it looks like excuses, because it happens in such short times. :/

    And I actually do the best I can for the moment. Most time I give 150%, which leaded yesterday allmost to a pass out for myself. :/
    But I need to do it and need to push me beyond my limits. :)

    Maybe it would have been better, if I were way more active in the past. :/ (\ô/)
    Hindsight is 20/20. You should live for the now and, as Shia would say,  not let your dreams be dreams.
    The Mighty Palm
    The Mighty Palm
    You can't let life get you down. You gotta stay strong just to spite it sometimes. Because if you let life win, that means you lose. and I for one hate losing.

    @Saltwater Croc I swear I read "Shia" and thought it was the name of some philosopher or a spiritual leader like the dalai lama. Nope. Just Shia Labeouff. 
    At least I've continued at some graphics today. It seems, there will be a lot graphics shown in game. :D

    Sadly, I couldn't really focus today, heavy stomach aches and dizziness hold me back. :/
    But hey, at least I did progress and that is important. ;) (\ô/)
    Finaly finished all the graphic stuff for the english language. :D

    Which means, I'm about 80% completly done with graphics. :D
    So soon, I can start on building up the common event for this whole thing, YAY! :D

    The graphics are for a time system and the hud I will create. ;) (\ô/)
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    A here I am ~ having TONS of work before me. =P
    Gothic Lolita
    Gothic Lolita
    Same here, hope I can make it till end of the month. :D

    Especially, after my health are going downhill again. -.-'
    But I'll still do my best on it. :D (\ô/)
    Finally 500/900 graphical files done. :D

    There will be another 10 graphic files, but that is a really small number compared to 900. :D

    Anyway, with that progress speed, I might be able to update my game on end of this month. I'm so pumped right now, to do it in time. I will do as best as I can. :D (\ô/)
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    I like the progress! Go go go!
    Well done! Keep it up!!
    Gothic Lolita
    Gothic Lolita
    Thank you, you two. :D
    Actually did another progress. :)
    I really want to finish the first demo till end of the month. :) (\ô/)
    I allmost finished the HUD and suddenly I found a shortcome in MV. :/

    It seems, that it doesn't cut of xx% of the picture instead it reduces the size to xx%. :(
    That means a lot more pictures to do. -.-'

    And after that thousands of line to code it, eeeh!

    Oh well, I hope that it loosk awesome at least, when it's done. :D (\ô/)
    Again a huge progress on my game. :D

    I finaly finished 75% of my HUD, that will be in the game, for a better look on health, etc. :)

    I hope, that I can do a demo with german and english language as a choice. Only one question, is there a plugin for MV, to switch the vocab from system files with language? (\ô/)
    After some down times, I continued on my project. :D

    The level up system is way more complex, then I thought first. :(
    Plus I need a lot of images... -.-'

    Means tomorrow I need to paint a lot. :D
    132 variables in use only for that. :D
    Now you can slightly imagine, how big it is. :D

    But after it's really essential for the gameplay, I need to do it first. On the skill level system I found a shortcome with MV, but might I find a way around it. :D
    Even I worked 4 hours today, I only came to 70% finishing this complex system. :) (\ô/)
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    great! ^^

    I know that feeling ~ being like "It will be not that hard! :D" ~ and then ~ "What I've got myself into! D:" ^^

    That's still a nice progress! (=
    Gothic Lolita
    Gothic Lolita
    One huge issue I forgot about, while starting it. I forgot, how will the player know, where the energies are?
    Like how much hunger that character has, or why did the character die for no reason?
    That's why I need to do graphical stuff too. :D

    Even if I reach 100%, it's may still a WIP, because balancing you can only do over time. Like how does it play, when progress. That's nothing you can test in 30 minutes test runs. :D (\ô/)
    Finished 66% of my game to recreate and suddenly have a terrible downer again. Sometimes I think, I'm not strong enough for anything...
    I wanted to finish at least one game in MV, VX Ace or XP, but somehow it's too hard for me...
    The "dark cloud" swallows me and I can do nothing against it...
    I can't tell more details, probably I said allready too much, sorry. :'( (\ô/)
    Again a huge progress in converting my VX Ace to MV project. :D

    I made 60% of the custom level up system. :D
    I hope it's an unique way to level up. But I think, I never seen anything like this in any game before. :D

    Oh and I think of changing the title from "Yuri No Monogatari" to "Love Never Dies!", what are you thinking? (\ô/)
    Today was the best birthday since long. :D
    Got a 50€ steam wallet and immediatly bought MV. :D
    And after some thinking time I bought POP! Horror City, which is a really awesome Tileset, with a lot of extras. <3

    Next up I completed Labyrinthine Dreams, which is a really nice game. Short but nice. :)
    Only the grind for the last trading card is a bit annoying...
    Completed it with 3 hours on timer, now I'm at 5 hours and still no trading card. -_-

    I hope everyone had such an amazing day. :D  (\ô/)
    Was so deep into game making, that I allready reached 4:39 AM. :D
    And I wanted to go to bed at 2 AM allready. :|
    Well anyway, that way I allmost converted the first map. :)  (\ô/)
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    Gothic Lolita
    Gothic Lolita
    Variable 1 get's increased by 1 in two different events.
    If the variable is not equal to 2, you can't go further.
    Checked that in the events.
    But even I speak with the two events, I still can't progress.

    Strange thing is, that both variables are 2. The one for increasement and the one that checks this variable is 2.
    In VX ace the event works, but in MV not. :(

    For the graphics, I allready expected to resize them. But it's easier to rebuild them with close looking graphics. ;)
    The character portraits look way better in MV, so I don't see any point in using the uglier VX ace ones. :D (\ô/)
    in Ace it works, but in MV it doesn't - is that the MV version you got from the conversion script, or the version you got from manually converting it?  If you still can't get it working, just post in the MV Support forum with screenshots of the events, where they modify and/or check the variable (including where it's used in page conditions) and we can help you sort it out.
    Gothic Lolita
    Gothic Lolita
    It's the script version for VX Ace, that converts the database, so MV can use those data. :)
    And I need to apologize, as it seems, the error was on my side, somehow?
    The editor draw the variable check from 2 back to 3. Guess the steam cloud is messing around again. -.-'

    I'm really sorry, didn't know that steam cloud was blocking again this edit. :|
    I can really agree with people telling to turn off the steam cloud, because most errors are from there... (\ô/)
    Now I switched my project I posted here from VX Ace to MV, because of the simple fact, of way better mapping and character editor. :)
    Another huge bonus for MV is, that it runs on 4K still with 60 FPS, where the old maker only crashed. ;)  
    A topic update I will make, after I at least recreated the whole maps I allready implemented on my Ace project. :)
    I really hope, that I can make a huge content update too and not only a remake of every map. :D (\ô/)
    MV besides better performance has nothing interesting for me~ =P
    Gothic Lolita
    Gothic Lolita
    I guess, if I allready had a huge project done, I wouldn't switch either. :)
    Plus you made a lot of scripts for yourself, which you need to convert to plugins, if you want to use them. :D
    I wouldn't do that either. But after my pc deleted every single data, that was on it, I needed to restart anyway. :|  (\ô/)
    True, true and true! ^^

    ~ I see your point. :D
    I hope it's not advertising or disallowed here for the comments section, but RPG Maker MV is 50% off on steam right now. :D
    I hope I get my money before Monday. :) (\ô/)
    Probably starting a second early project post, were I would work on my horror game. :)
    Sure I need to censor some parts out of it, because of the PG13 rating, but I can do that. :D
    But one question is still there, what about bad language?
    One person of the main actors curses a lot. Do I need to censor it too? (\ô/)
    Depends on the context, but frequent Language may be considered M17+ (ESRB), yes. It also depends what the forum considers "PG13" (that seems to be movie rating instead of game rating?). Best you could do is to contact the mod of the section.
    Gothic Lolita
    Gothic Lolita
    Yeah, guess it's the best thing to do. :)
    I don't want to get in trouble, because of a project. :|
    It is sorta frequent, because one character uses bad language. The others act fine. :D (\ô/)
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