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  • Its been a harrowing journey, but I am now in temporary shelter with my family. Hurricane Laura tried to knock me down, almost succeeded... but i will prevail. Just have to wait for the power grid to get rebuilt now. Pray i dont kill the other ppl im sheltering with. It would be a shame to go to jail after surviving the storm.
    HEY GUYS!!! Getting a feel for common rates of eventers/coders to get hired onto a licensed project in the works before posting the advert.
    If I had less on my plate right now I might be interested, especially with the gambling stuff. Coding the stock market minigame for Profit Motive was fun.
    Is all good! Like i said, getting a feel for cost ideas to hire on. So throw those real/fair numbers at me.
    Eventing might not be cheaper than a new battle scene script. Depends how much eventing is needed and how long it's going to take. I think you'll just have to post the ad with more detail and ask for quotes, stating whether you're paying an hourly rate or a fixed amount for the lot.
    I am so excited!! This project has skyrocketed beyond my dreams! Beautiful custom sprites for the NPCs (but under NDA so cant say who) I also have found a very talented bust artist and The Coder behind some plugins is just.. BRILLIANT. Now i have some Icons being made to round out the look.... not to mention the most awesome Canadis for the Security Gates.... my lord i feel BLESSED
    so i did a face set for one of the characters in the "cover art characters" pack.... can i share it since it is DLC? i know if i did i would have to state the person would HAVE to have that pack, but i dont want to get in trouble with the mods haha.
    While I am not a mod nor an expert on this, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to do this. I'd wager that as long as you specify you need to own the pack, provide a link to purchase said pack, and then provide the face set, I don't see any issues. Especially since the faceset would only be usable with that DLC pack regardless.
    i would think so too.. but i am hoping that a mod will hop in to let me know for sure
    There are complications here - especially as you don't specifiy who you are sharing it with and how - so my suggestion is to post a thread in Product Discussion & Support so that you can get detailed replies. Also, Mods are more likely to see a thread there than random updates here.
    Wow talk about things happening... Hubby just got a job offer and we will have to relocate. Rpgm is sidelined for now
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Add fog of war
Add enemy indicators
Make window draggable
Optimise map drawing algorithm (5 seconds to load the map you see, so it's a... poo-poo algorithm)

Any suggestions? :kaoblush:
bleh studio hell job haha at least they like it didnt had time to do much laundry tho ;w;'....YES I DO AT LEAST TAKE A SHOWER everyday!
--- Food Ingredients ---

Hero: Since the Chef are in Hospital,we can't eat his Dish in 3 Days.
F.Mage: What we have to Eat?
M.Healer: Don't worry,we can Eat the Food Ingredients.
Hero & F.Mage
: Really?

(3 Days Later)

Chef: Hi,Guys. I'm Ba---
(Entire Party Collapse After Eat Raw Meat)
Chef: Wha...WHAT GOING ON HERE!!!!!!
So, I've been thinking about all the complaints about the chibi sprites. Is the problem that they're chibi or that they don't match the character art? If I did a series of chibi/SD character art, would people be interested?
Converting a timer plugin from MV to MZ. Now I really start to fell how awesome the new plugin commands are. This really helps create plugin easier than before!

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