I'm slightly weird and from time to time kinda a moody person.

I spent whole days at work thinking of going home and working on one of my projects, then when I'm home I usually find myself being to lazy to start and with half the ideas gone. :p I'm also pretty easily distracted. But enough about my good qualities...  :guffaw:

I have programming experience but haven't completely studied Ruby and the RGSS yet, so at most I'll post ugly hacks for now. :p I do feel quite comfortable with eventing and mapping. I suck at the graphic side of things though, which is one of the reasons I got drawn to RPG Maker in the first place. I also tend to play with the sound off (like, basically, always), so I never spend much time or thought on sounds.

I've started with RPG Maker when some guy at my school had installed a copy of 2003 at one of the school computers. Spend quite some time fiddling with it and being quite proud, though I sadly never got the chance to salvage that project of the computers there and bring it home to my Win98 pc (the computer died a week before I was planning to move the project on an USB stick) (and later I realized I wouldn't have been able to do anything with it anyway, I didn't know there was no official English version).

So, being heartbroken about this I just forgot about it. A year later, on my brand new WinXP pc, I remembered this adventure and went looking if there was any similar software available. In my search I stumbled across RPG Maker XP. I spend 5 - 6 years playing with it, never really finishing anything noteworthy.

A year or two after this, on my Win7 laptop, I wanted to install RPG Maker XP, so went to the site and found out VX Ace was released. I did know about VX, but didn't like it and ignored it. Ace, however, looked promising so I downloaded the trial. After a day I was sold and so was the activation code that now makes me the proud owner of the full version.

The reason my Win versions are included in the story cause I always find it funny to see how they kinda match up, missing the old version (95 / 2002), starting at a great version (98 / 2003) which, because of being my first experience, will always be dear to me, moving on to an excellent (and still arguably one of the best) version (XP), skipping the most crap version (Vista / VX), only to pick up again at a version that does manage to bring a fresh change while not completely falling apart in the process (7 / Ace). However, if this trend continues, I'll have to skip the next RPG Maker version (cause I'll be to busy hunting down the people who designed and developed that horrible thing called Win8).
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I'm the kinda guy that starts a million projects and finishes none...
All my projects are more tech demo then game. You'll rarely find any battles in them, guess I'm a non violent person... :p

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std::vector, std::map and std::string. Three reasons why I'd take C++ over C. :D
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