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    Game & Map Screenshots 3

    @hyde the building with the glass behind the building on the right feels off... But I can't quite say why... Also, on the building on the left there is a shadow on the stairs that doesn't make sense. Other than that it looks like a pretty nice place to take a walk~
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    Mapping Helpdesk [Last update: Mountains (17th April) and Misc answers (18th)]

    You forgot the link at "Get it here!"... :P But that little unimportant detail aside, a great tutorial like always! :D
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    Pixel Madness 2013

    The following is a joke and should not be taken seriously. Ralph, save us~ *gives a magic mouse to aid him in his quest* A recent demographic survey showed that there are quite a few ladies on this forum who's hearts you could conquer with your actions~ :P  (and by the overused classical...
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    Pixel Madness 2013

    Or everyone who wants to see them animated can just grab the spritesheets, import them in an empty project and see for themselves how they animate... That's what I did anyway, wasn't all that much work. :P
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    .-. I think we all missed it. Must be something that happened behind the scenes? Maybe they kept...

    .-. I think we all missed it. Must be something that happened behind the scenes? Maybe they kept spamming in PM about the contest... They were both pretty fierce in their opinions and did kinda almost ruin the whole thing... :S
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    Update the Master Script List and earn a forum award icon!

    Gpgekko: Scan Enemy Sleek Item Popup Lune Smooth Camera Slide OC Motion Battle Camera Custom Encounter Text ​Apparently they like to capitalize usernames at Wikia... :P
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    XS - Menu Delux

    I'm afraid it's just you, the links work for me... Sorry :/ You could try and see if you can reach this page, all his scripts are in there:
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    Event System Support (expert users only)

    Yes, and maybe I'm mistaken, but I think the thug hunt variable is set back to 0 every time you enter the police station right now. And since you have to go back to the police station for every event to appear, it will never reach 3. Even without the first page of the thug event, the event will...
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    Event System Support (expert users only)

    You don't need the page with the parallel process. Since you have already checked the patrol var in your police station and turned the show1 switch on, you can do without it. I'm not to sure on the first page of the police station, I can't quite figure out what your intention with it is. You...
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    Ruby/RGSSx questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Oke, so this is from the top of my head. I would love to fact check this, but I can't atm, so if I'm wrong, please don't hit me to hard. :D It works the other way around because of how the through state works: through determines that the event goes through all other objects, but it doesn't...
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    Database Extender

    Export/import from sources like a (my)SQL tool or even an Excel sheet (maybe csv?) would actually be pretty awesome. It would make setting up the database easier since I could use an enviroment I know and am comfertable with. It would probably increase my working speed by at least 150%...
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    Modern Day Tiles - Version 2

    You're waiting for another email (if you didn't get one since this topic was made). That was the first thing I checked too. ^^ It's only an update to the main set.
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    Overlay Maps: bringing layers back to Ace

    I think I see a minor graphical bug. I'm not sure, but the guy at the bottom of your castle: I think the top of his head is behind the wall... Anyway, that's just a minor detail few people will probably ever notice. Awesome script! :D
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    If it has "Legend of Zelda" on the title screen, it is instantly awesome in my eyes... xD (FU...

    If it has "Legend of Zelda" on the title screen, it is instantly awesome in my eyes... xD (FU Nintendo, because of this exploit in my brain I now have certain pieces of your hardware which I don't use except to play Zelda games >_> )
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    Shame on you! Now go and enjoy yourself, chop chop, you have a lot of lost time to make up. :P

    Shame on you! Now go and enjoy yourself, chop chop, you have a lot of lost time to make up. :P

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