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  • I've been away for a few years and i can't remember what i did here other than starting out as a noob. i still am.
    This is the point in the manga where you show us what you've learned in the time you've been gone. For example, you look taller, and your hair is a little different. Also, you're wearing one accessory you weren't wearing a few years ago, but everything else is very familiar.
    Unn struggling with patience when drawing. I often lose it once I'm done with the lineart orz
    Saltwater Croc
    Saltwater Croc
    You'll get there. Just keep at it and you'll succeed! What in drawing do you have trouble with?
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I should have listened to RPGMAKER Meme thread. I should have backed up my data. The Orphan of Time, my WIP, is completely gone, all those hours of work are completely gone :(
God what was my life before smartphones (I had a grandma's phone before wednesday)
Stream will be live shortly with The Witcher 3! Feel free to drop by!
I have a specialized class on intellectual property this semester (on Patent and Trademarks, Copyrights is next semester). Only had a quick overview of that in previous business law classes. I'll be able to help more people here when it comes to knowing what to do and your rights for intellectual property!
When you wanna write another pedantic post of your views on game dev... but your cousin and aunt have invited you to bowling

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