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    your first rpg maker?

    XP. Used up a trial version and all i did was program a piano to play music when you select it, but for a dumb 11yr old i guess that's good progress? Went back to rpgmaker when im much older but with VX ace, planning on trying out MV.
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    Your Dream Career

    Professional illustrator/concept artist aside(and anything related to it bc that's been my whole goal throughout my entire life, game artist included), miniature craftist. I've gotten into this whole making and collecting miniature replicas and making dioramas after wanting to explore other...
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    cant stand coffee, not because of the flavour more of it sends my body into panic mode. Fast beating heart aside it upsets my stomach really badly. I used to be able to tolerate it hell I used to love coffee but I guess my body decided nope after some time. Of course that depends on the type of...
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    How do you come up with character names?

    when im lazy i just think at the top of my head whatever sounds fitting for the character. but most of the time it depends on their traits, setting and other factors, to give a further hidden meaning/foreshadowing to their character. i mostly do this with japanese characters as im more familiar...
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    Types of games you love to dev!

    nothing game mechanic specific but i'd like to try my hands at horror. im weak with spoopy jumpscares but for some reason the factor of making someone uneasy just from playing and how many ways you can go about doing so gets me really interested. think ddlc but also irisu syndrome, the simple...
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    How did you come up with your name?

    Purposeful misspelling/mispronunciation of "gradient". i thought it was pretty unique and fits my type of field(artist). didnt know (or rather forgot old highschool math classes) it was a mathematical term until i googled it.
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    Unpopular Opinions: The Thread

    same tbh. easier to see and appreciate everything within your sight's range over getting blindsided. to add to that, i dont really get all the need for a huge monitor just for gaming. maybe bc im a casual pleb who doesnt care about every blown up hd pixel on screen but other than for work...
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    Your favorite (discontinued) game?

    Breath of fire (5th title not so much) metal slug(loved the entire series, it's the only side scrolling shooter I actually enjoy) golden sun(may or may not be discontinued idk but if i have to wait another 10+ years for the 4th and hopefully final game so be it, just give me that sweet release...
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    Clip Studio Paint Tricks

    Sharing a few of my discoveries as csp is my absolute go to for almost everything. Hope these are useful some are obvious some maybe not. I didnt have my tablet plugged in then so the drawn lines are kinda crappy. Mask Ruler Text Others
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    Are there times when you feel a little too old for this? (Making games)

    trying to prevent your own hands from murdering yourself is a fake problem apparently.
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    Are there times when you feel a little too old for this? (Making games)

    There's this stigma against older people wanting to get into "childish" hobbies that i really hate. Some of us didnt have privileges like time, money and resources to get into them until later. Hell I only started getting into most of my hobbies well into my 20s as I was always swamped by exams...
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    RMMV Advice/Feedback on this idea I've been working on

    I have nothing much to add to the plot although one thing im interested in is will the cult's influence affect early towns as your party gradually move through the plot? It'll be a nice touch to come back to the previous town and suddenly you find the mood has shifted(less ppl on the streets due...
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    The Most Important Question: Vanilla Coke (The official be a little bit silly thread)

    I love it more than the original, the taste feels softer on the tongue. if they werent so scarce to find in stores near me i'd buy a whole crate.
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    First RPG game you ever played

    pokemon blue, well only for a short while. I remembered being too stupid to figure out how to play pokemon blue(i never bothered with the text, all i wanted was to get a pikachu immediately like in the anime) that my under-trained starter lost to a random encounter and blacked out in the 1st...
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    I've been away for a few years and i can't remember what i did here other than starting out as a...

    I've been away for a few years and i can't remember what i did here other than starting out as a noob. i still am.

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