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    Skill Limit

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    Skill Limit

    Sorry to bother you guys, but I ran into a little inconvenience today. I was using the Crystal Engine Move Limit script and it worked wonders...except that it made my game crash sometimes after entering a 2nd forced battle, the weird part being that it didn't happen every time I played, which...
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    Stacking States

    I'm having an issue with this script. In battle, I can recieve a state a maximum of 4 times (since I put "max stack[4]" in the notes tag for the corresponding state). However, only 1 state remains. What I mean is, I only get the effect of the first one, like if it was the only one activated...
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    Ways to get an enemy AI use a TP only skill more frequently?

    So the skill works if you just remove the TP cost? PS: Nevermind, didn't read up there. Sorry. Does it work if it's the only action in the command list? If there are two actions? three?
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    I need some skill suggestions for a "glass cannon" type character.

    True Deathblow - 5x stronger than a normal attack but with risk of death (25%) to the user. Revenge - Damage scales with HP. The less HP you have, the more you deal. Frenzy - Doubles attack for 5 turns, character is blinded. Life Morph - Steals HP from all party members to cure wounds...
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    Chain Game II - Brainstorming

    I might write "might" in bold to express uncertainity.
  7. Greensburg

    Final Fantasy Series

    You can break FFVIII easily after dollet, by buying tents, converting them to curaga's and boosting every party member's HP to 3000. There goes the difficulty. It's also hilariously faster, seeing that you can use limits at 700ish hp (which was your earlier maximum). And it's not something very...
  8. Greensburg

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

    Doesn't look like Final Fantasy at all =/. More like yet another uninspired Korean Cliché. But eh, I haven't played it.
  9. Greensburg

    Chain Game II - Brainstorming

    Yeah, don't mind the events, they were all rushed and sloppy =P. And yes, I just didn't feel like creating a new project to save those maps, so I just left them there xD.
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    Chain Game II - Brainstorming

    Well, here's a draft of the arena. I just put everything in Seacliff's old town project. I also added a couple spacey looping maps for your amusement. Enjoy. PS: Don't go messing around the battleground, you might get in...
  11. Greensburg

    Chain Game II - Brainstorming

    My Skype is "greensburgg". I don't use it much, but it's a handy tool to keep in touch. Hope hearing from you guys. I actually have an arena that was being developed on another game. Seeing as how I don't think I'll have time to work on that one, I'll just import it here instead. It has...
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    [RMXP] Romancing SaGa Battle System

    Can't believe you got so little feedback on this. You've got almost the entire game system sorted out! I haven't played RS, but I did play Saga Frontier 2. And you got the spikes and everything in, amazing! I'll be sure to play whatever comes out of this =).
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    Chain Game II - Brainstorming

    I was thinking we could add an arena or something of the sort to the main town, so that everyone could add new challenges in their own chapter, if they feel like it of course .The player would start at Rank 1 and unlock the following ranks as he progresses through the game. It's also a valid...
  14. Greensburg

    Chain Game II - Brainstorming

    Well...I've kind of started mapping a town/dungeon. No dialogue or anything yet, so that I can make it fit on later chapters.
  15. Greensburg

    Chain Game II - Brainstorming

    I think you guys that were in the last chain game but on the later chapters should take the early ones this time, since you can approach the game from a different angle and eventually see how other people use/work around your stuff. That said, I wouldn't mind following as soon as there's a...

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