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    RPG Maker MZ Preview #1: Music, Battles, Animations!

    Maybe, I arrived with RMMV. The fact that it was native on RMMV change a lot of thing (well mostly in the Generator part). I feel that, this change, compare to it is a bit light. I mean, why not include more feature that was created in RMMZ ? like STB, or action sequence.
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    RPG Maker MZ Preview #1: Music, Battles, Animations!

    Is it me or all the new features in Battle Sytem were created 2 or 3 years ago with plugin ? It still improvement according to RMMV vanilla but, not very new if you already have all the yanfly library
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    Felskis Skilltree Plugin

    @Felski Hello, I have a problem when I deploy my game. Indeed When I start the deployed game I have a message : Failed to load: Img/system/techtree/Tech_Hiden.png ,even if I have a windows picture named correctly in the file and if I don't use Hidden node... Do you know what happen ? Edit ...
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    How Can I play with the accuracy of a skill ?

    Hello ! I may be wrong but the yanfly plugin only apply to all skill. It can't be a modification for one skill...
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    How Can I play with the accuracy of a skill ?

    Hello guys ! I want to change the chance to touch for a skill (arrow raining) according to the number of monster on the battlefield. Something like : Chance to touch = Chance to touch * Number of monster / 8 I am using all the main yanfly plugin if needed :). Thank you very much and take care !
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    DreamX Random Item Prefixes & Suffixes - Extended

    Hello @ShadowDragon, it seems that no one came with solution :p
  7. Gregaur

    Amount of mana spent by a player

    If you are a bit JS skilled (unlike me) You can look this plugin : I know you can play with a reward system acording to the skill used
  8. Gregaur

    MOGHunter Battle Cry + YanFly Gab Window Help

    I don't think they are made to work together, but myabe you can find something that add text at the begining of an action ? Like this :
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    Skill that targets dead enemy, restores user HP, then "erases" dead enemy?

    I will follow this thread as I want to create some necromocian skill with the possibilities to ressurect an enemie and apply a "controle" state :)
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    Help - How to show enemy state icon below the enemy in a sideview battle

    I may be wrong but if you don't want to change the animation because it may change from a enemy to a other, you should play with the anchor (It's the pixel from where it start to count the height) <Sideview Anchor Y: y.z> But be carefull if you use some YEP_Action Battle, cause it use this...
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    YEP_SkillCooldowns / YEP_ItemUpgradeSlot Set cooldown reduction

    Is it possible to add state to those Upgrade ? If it is, you can put the cooldown deacrease on that state no ?
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    Shield as a Weapon

    @ramza Thank you so much !!!
  13. Gregaur

    YR Plugins

    Hello ! First, I wanna thank you for all your work ! It is amazing. I found a problem with the SumRndmDde's Summon Core DragonBones Extension. When the summon disapear (end of combat, or after a certain number of turn) the game crash. It come form a Yanfly update for the AnimatedSvBattler...
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    Help - How to show enemy state icon below the enemy in a sideview battle

    Hey With the Yanfly Animated sideview Enemies you have fiew notepad : English is not my native language but the note : <Sideview Hide State Overlay> doesn't do that ? If not you can change your "hit box" size : <Sideview Height: x> It won't change the size of the picture but only how the...
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    Change MP costs in Battle?

    If I was you I would create 2 skills One for the battle One for the map. On the paper they would be the same (at least for the player) If you already use the Yanfly Skill plugin ( on this two skill you should use those notepad : <Hide in Field>...

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