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  1. RMMV .

    Hello! I am having a problem with the yanfly battle engine plugin, whenever my character does a melee attack (runs to the enemy to use their weapon) depending on the target the spritesheet gets flipped horizontally, flips back, and than flips again, what am i doing wrong? Ive turned off all...
  2. RMMV SV Animation

    Okay, i'll try doing that. Multiple sprite sheets isn't that big a deal, I'm dumb. Thank you for the help!!
  3. RMMV SV Animation

    Yeah I thought about that but I figured there might be a better solution so I don't have to make double the sprite sheets haha. Also I tried it and it's kind of jank. Although it wouldn't be that bad I guess if there really wasn't any better way to do this. Thank you for the reply.
  4. RMMV SV Animation

    Hi! I wanted to make it so that there is a running animation when the player goes to attack the enemy, but I believe the default that rpg maker uses is the idle animation for that, so I can't since there isn't a dedicated area in the spritesheet for it. Would anyone know of any plug ins or work...
  5. RMMV Running in sv battle

    Hi! I want there to be a running animation for when the character moves towards the enemy to attack. Is there a plug in for this?
  6. Game & Map Screenshots 11

    @Ninjakillzu It looks really good. I think it might look better with some stuff by the road. Maybe some street lamps or something, it feels very empty atm.
  7. Game & Map Screenshots 11

    @cthulhusquid Needs windows! and feels kind of sparce in some areas, other than that it looks nice. Edit: Oh they are on the left, i didn't notice haha. Nevermind.
  8. Game & Map Screenshots 11

    @gRaViJa Looks really good! I don't really have any complaints @CrocPirate This is a nice looking map! I can tell a lot of thought was put into the layout and it has a nice composition. I think the houses look pretty bad though. Do you plan on using taller sprites? The doors are humongous...
  9. Skill tints screen but not user

    Sorry about that.
  10. Skill tints screen but not user

    In case anyone is wondering how to do it, you have to make a black battleback image, and than have it fade in. It doesn't really work like the fade out and fade in event commands, it basically removes the battleback you're using or puts a new one in.
  11. Skill tints screen but not user

    Omg thank you so much, you're a life saver. I already own it along with most yanfly plugins. I thought the solution would be convoluted but it ended up being very simple, thank goodness.
  12. Skill tints screen but not user

    I want to make a skill that tints the screen black but not the user. I want it to fade in when it starts and fade out when its done. I figure I can make a character picture and than just layer that over a black picture and change the opacity, but that just seems really janky and it'd be a lot of...
  13. RMMV Sideview/Rearview battle system

    Update: I was able to find a plugin to fix the enemy positions. I forgot by default the enemies can only be positioned on the left side of the field since its sideview, I'm dumb. I'm gonna blame that on a lack of sleep.. Also your plugin @caethryil is working as intended, but for some reason...
  14. RMMV Sideview/Rearview battle system

    Oh, hey caethryil! lol So having your plugin under the SRD_WalkCharBattlers plugin does not seem to change anything. I guess I should specify what is happening. The actors seem to be working how they should but for some reason the enemies aren't, they don't show up where I put them in the...
  15. RMMV Sideview/Rearview battle system

    So ive been trying to figure this out for hours and not having any luck.. Basically I just want to create a battle system that looks like this : @caethyril made a plugin to make the sideview battle system mimick this: and im trying to get it to work with SRD_WalkCharBattlers plugin, which...

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