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  • Getting a lot of world-building, engineering and gameplay tips from Cyberpunk's glitches. Gotta be smart enough to see behind all the bling.
    Looking at the bling itself can also be worthwhile. The lens flares are for example really interesting. You can also see some curious ghosting if you pay close enough attention.
    CG tile rendering, take 3: windows.
    which section you guys think looks more accurate to the perspective? left or right?

    for reference, this is what it looks like "at street level"
    3rd day of quarantine, internet and media at my full disposal, sunny day without a soul in sight..... and I'm already bored to tears :/
    I've had plenty of house deep cleaning/organization projects to keep me busy.
    oh, *tasks* I have plenty of... I just don't want to do them.

    ....and I bet once I get myself doing something I actually *like*, they'll lift the lockdown.
    because, that never happened before.
    well, it's not the old version, but at least it's not the new version..... light theme with decent font looks so much better now!
    Isometric tiles, with baked ambient occlusion and shadows.
    Excuse me while my brain finally burns out.
    my Vista system just recovered from it's first corruption hiccup in 10 years of service. Beat that, Windows 10.
    Where is a cl*coughhh!* a cleric when you *coughhh!* when you *coughHhHhHHhhH!* when you need one.
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    the only one i know works at a inn of a distant village now it's 200 bucks the night with him
    Anywhere she needs to be. She charges for her services though, and doesn't heal HP damage. She heals status conditions instead.
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Is this Profile Banner thing new? Or did I just discovered it now?
Well.. I was going to post my randomly generated road experiments... But the new "Attach Files" on profile posts seems to be quite buggy. Also there's no more option to insert Imgur images. Highly unfortunate. Guess I'll give them a bit to fix it and go back to messing with stuff.
my first day back to working on my project and i'm pooped!! hope to get back in the rhythm soon!
I just came up with a very original RPG Idea. This is so well written that it might be the first RPG I actually finish making. (I’ve stopped all my projects halfway through development. I don’t think this one will be the same.)

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