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  1. Event Updating Issue

    My events are similar to the final example you gave. It's just interactions between characters that relate to a story and is only supposed to happen once. Would this mean I'd need individual switches for every main game interaction?
  2. Event Updating Issue

    I'm aware this fix may be very simple and easy but I have events in a small town that play like they are supposed to, however when i enter a building within this town they seem to reset and replay. Does anyone know how I can fix this. Thanks.

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I wonder how one goes about picking a good font for a game. I find the default kinda lacking, but you gotta pick a font that's legible ya know.
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I am proud of how much my friends are pure talent. This one is making my game possibilities bigger and bigger and I wanna share his word:
Fun fact. Today it's exactly 2600 days since I met my now gf for the first time. Sometimes being a programmer can be really useful. O:)

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