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  • Is it ok to repost stuff that i've posted to threads in the status feed?
    If so, here's art of Shiloh, the main protagonist of the game i'm making:20220807_181702.jpg
    They are meant to be ambiguous in gender, like Frisk from Undertale or Gogo from FFVI. I haven't decided what their age will be yet. Any ideas?
    Please comment what you think about the art and design!
    If its lighthearted, I think 11-12 will work. Its that age where kids mature a bit but also stay kids. Maybe 12.
    Do They look that young? I was going for an 18-20 age range but i guess the art style makes it a little ambiguous (or maybe i just messed up and made them look too young).
    Anyhow i'm not opposed to making them younger as the original idea i had for the party's ages was around 13, but i decided to change them later.
    Anyways, thanks for the feedback!
    Philosophus Vagus
    Philosophus Vagus
    I would have guessed like Ramza from final fantasy tactics, who is also ambiguous in gender (though to be fair literally every character in that game was that didn't have a beard, I thought Agrias Oaks was a man for over a decade until I bought the psp reboot of tactics and saw the enhanced arts that made it quite clear she wasn't.
    I'm Really proud of how my game over screen looks!
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So I'm hoping that I get an MRI on my knee soon, but until then, I'm on a prescription dosage of ibuprofen. It's definitely helping, but my knee is still hurting and occasionally locks up. The urgent care doctor was convinced it's a meniscus tear due to it locking, and said that if it is, I'll need surgery. :(
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My dad just retired from work... that's why I'm making these pixel art icons very cheap!
Perfect for your game.
Anyone here know a @Sonheruu? Pop over to their forum activity for a sec lol

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