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  • This is Lucian, another one of the 4 protagonists from the game i'm making:
    Please comment what you think about the art and design!
    Here is an work in progress (unfinished as of now) Music Album i'm making:

    The songs are entirely made with this site:

    Please tell me what you think about each song!
    Is it ok to repost stuff that i've posted to threads in the status feed?
    If so, here's art of Shiloh, the main protagonist of the game i'm making:20220807_181702.jpg
    They are meant to be ambiguous in gender, like Frisk from Undertale or Gogo from FFVI. I haven't decided what their age will be yet. Any ideas?
    Please comment what you think about the art and design!
    If its lighthearted, I think 11-12 will work. Its that age where kids mature a bit but also stay kids. Maybe 12.
    Do They look that young? I was going for an 18-20 age range but i guess the art style makes it a little ambiguous (or maybe i just messed up and made them look too young).
    Anyhow i'm not opposed to making them younger as the original idea i had for the party's ages was around 13, but i decided to change them later.
    Anyways, thanks for the feedback!
    Philosophus Vagus
    Philosophus Vagus
    I would have guessed like Ramza from final fantasy tactics, who is also ambiguous in gender (though to be fair literally every character in that game was that didn't have a beard, I thought Agrias Oaks was a man for over a decade until I bought the psp reboot of tactics and saw the enhanced arts that made it quite clear she wasn't.
    I'm Really proud of how my game over screen looks!
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Just saw your video about Map Generation. What a pity it's gone! It looked really well-made and like an excellent competitor to mine.
The Florida city I was born and raised in, Fort Myers, has been in the national news lately. We took a major hit from the hurricane. I'm fine, but others weren't so lucky.
Today's gonna be a weird day. Someone just let me through... while I was waiting for a green light.
Released my latest game in June! Ashina: The Red Witch. Inspired by old adventure RPG Maker games :)
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