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  • Does anyone have a good recommendation on videos to learn JS so I can make my own plugins? I've found one with bad audio and the guy had a strong accent that I couldn't understand, and the other one the guy spend lots of time talking about advanced stuff that really didn't make sense for me.

    Have in mind I'm very dumb and stupid and I'm pretty sure I won't grasp it at all.
    it's really not that bad. but it's up to you.

    just like Ruby can be used to make websites. once you know the language, using it is easy.
    Nah, I'm too stupid to learn this haha. The ruby one I was watching had a more direct approach. I'm not going to read a book just to learn how to code for a project that I'm sure to abandon in a couple months haha. Specially if i need to read a book for it. I thought, since it was for rpg maker, and most people mock rpg maker due being too simple learning code for it would be easier.
    @guking this is not StackOverflow. Your question is yours only with your own context of the problem. But since I don't see the mods redirecting you to the proper forum, so it is fine if you ask here I guess.
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Shaz wrote on ZestyTS's profile.
Hi, there is a Completed Games forum where you can post your game. Or a Commercial Games forum if it's paid. The status feed is not where these belong. Just make sure to read the pinned threads and include all the required information in your post.
I was initially looking for some old archer design i made a few years ago, but couldn't find it...
but here's a sketch from some parade / festival I stumbled upon that i totally forgot :D
Not sure how i'll go about it, but i definitely want to incorporate some of it in my game :)
So... what is sleep anyway? UGGGG

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