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    To Durability Or Not To Durability

    Hmm... depends... Personally, I like complexity and realism in my games but durabilty is a mechanic which rarely seems to work well outside of survival genre. If you are not going for that level of grit in your low-fantasy game may I suggest a compromise - a limited conditional form of...
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    Fixed cast or changing protagonists?

    Hello! I'm thinking of delving into the exciting world of RPG Maker with a first project in this engine - a classical, somewhat humorous quest to slay a dragon. That shouldn't be too much of a problem considering that I already have some experience in game development and that RPG Maker is...
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    What One Thing In RPG Maker Would You Like To See?

    Flexible tile sizes is definitely number one request for me as well. A lot of other stuff can be addressed via plugins and some basic programming but tile sizes should really be done within the engine. Especially considering how popular retro style pixel art games are and how much this would...
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    Region messages

    Thanks for help! In lieu of anything more elaborate I might attempt to do something like this within the MV itself.
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    Region messages

    Yeah, I'm thinking more like this message being a part of the GUI, perhaps even make it a scrolling one to accommodate more text/description... or alternatively show the more detailed description only when first entering a region. I'd couple it with a cyclopedia plugin to store more detailed...
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    Region messages

    Hello! Is there a plug in out there that would display a text message depending on the region you are in on the overland map? As if you're in a forest and there's a display message "Enchanted Forest", you move to the plains and it's "Desolate Flatlands" and so on? A lot of games back in the...
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    To use tropes or not to use tropes in your game...

    The secret of art is telling old stories in new ways. That's all there is to it. Humans haven't changed fundamentally for hundreds of thousands of years, all story ideas have been used millions of times already. Once you accept this you can begin to concentrate on what matters - telling the...
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    Suggestions for good SF/horror games to study?

    Thanks for the suggestions! I'm thinking more in the vein of action-horror-survival, rather than spook/scare. Something in the style of Aliens or WH40K universes with a bit of Solaris thrown in while using distinctly retro-aesthetics... like, perhaps, Metroid only in JRPG cast. Pixel grit all...
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    Suggestions for good SF/horror games to study?

    Hi there! I've been casually working on an idea for a sci fi horror game and it seems to me RPGMaker MV might just be the engine for the job! I already have some experience in game development and I've bought RPGMaker on a bit of a whim - but it does seem to be quite a capable little beast so...
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    A weapon with two simultaneous different attacks?

    Okay, solved it (mostly)! You need two plugins - Yanfly's Buffs & States Core and Extended Damage Over Time. The trick is to create a state with Auto Removal Timing at Action End and Duration 1. Then apply following notetags: <DoT Element: 1> <DoT Formula: 100> First line determines the id...
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    A weapon with two simultaneous different attacks?

    /bump Anyone? I'm thinking of yer typical Diablo system. Base weapon damage + add damage of a different element. Is it possible to do via RMMV? Btw, I've been using Yanfly's AttachableAugments so if I could define augment which adds a followup attack of specific strength and element that would...
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    A weapon with two simultaneous different attacks?

    Heya! What do you think, how would one go about creating a weapon with two different attack procs happening in the same action? Like a sword which has a +10 attack followed by a +6 attack of a different element (like fire or something). Is this even possible in RMMV do without some plugin I...
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    (SOLVED) On-the-fly item generation using Yanfly's ItemCore

    Yippee! Finally managed to muddle through, mostly using brute force. Here's event script code which will give the party a weapon with an augment already applied. Thank you Aloe Guvner for your help! $gameParty.gainItem($dataWeapons[1],1)...
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    (SOLVED) On-the-fly item generation using Yanfly's ItemCore

    Hmm.. it seems we're not there yet :( My knowledge of JS and how RMMV works is still sketchy.. I've written this as event script and it doesn't seem to do anything except give me a new sword... What am I doing wrong? var it = $gameParty.gainItem($dataWeapons[1],1)...
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    (SOLVED) On-the-fly item generation using Yanfly's ItemCore

    Excellent, that's a perfectly usable starting point, thank you! Now I just have to figger out how to wrap what I want to do into something RM understands... Oh well, I guess learning some JavaScript was inevitable. I'll post my finished code here, if I manage to muddle through it, as a thank...

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