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  • First profile post. Yay. 75% complete with 1st project (started JUL 2019), and have severe developer's block creating second story arch (my game has 2 playable intertwining stories), stat balancing, and mechanics.

    Took a multi-week break, returned hit same wall. I attempted to have family play my demo (unofficial, no credits, etc.), but they have lives which I understand. It is a new year, and I am not giving up!
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On the "things im remaking" department even i kept getting confused by my status grenades similarity so i decided to redo both of them, now the icons and being thrown animations are very distinctive from each other :kaopride:
I genuinely like the default MZ actor sprites, and the character creator. I think I will draw new headshots for them, but part of me doesn't want to replace the default sprites. But should I? I want to eventually release my game.
Someday, I hope they make a game where 95% of the animation budget went to turning valves and opening door animations, leaving every other animation looking like a CDI zelda cutscene.
programming at 12 years old: "I love how it works!"
programming at 18: "I love that it works."
programming at 25: "I love why it works."
programming at 30: "I love when it works."
programming at 50: "How did this work?"

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