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  • When you really want to create an RPG but your not satisfied with your ideas and end up creating a project in a whole other genre instead (Horror). Not what I initially wanted, but got something going at least :rhappy:
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    when this happens once it's fine. when it happens a few times it might be fine. when it becomes a pattern it can be a problem, don't wind up like me and spend a decade finishing 0games but starting like 28 of them lol

    also yes horror and RPG are not mutually exclusive genres as one describes tone/mood/atmosphere/storytelling tropes and the other describes actual gameplay/gameplay tropes
    I agree with @TheGentlemanLoser, Horror is more about atmosphere, mood and the like. I found that out with a game I worked on for four months and scrapped due to different reasons.
    The plan is to use all the experience gained across the years to make a project that tests plugins and create a nice narrative. Having atmosphere and mood as the most important aspect, which I primarily did in my spooktober jam, I hope to expand and build good experience for later projects :D
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I've been working on something on and off for a few years now, and I've been reluctant to share any details on the project before I had anything playable because I did not want to generate hype only for the project to go back on hiatus. That being said I believe what I'm working on is very unique and pushes the boundaries of what RPG Maker projects can be. Bold claims, I know but just wait.
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms :)
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I did an experiment to try to solve the art style problem between RTP and 3D models.
But, it feels this grimdark world is going to end even faster. :kaoswt2:

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