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    Undecided on whether or not to include combat

    As Basileus mentioned, there's multiple horror methods, just as its the different people playing them. To some people, Resident Evil is just a shooter, while others, a horror game. Some people get safety from weapons or feel more comfortable knowing they can potentially beat a monster, while...
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    Spooktober Spooktacular Game Jam Review Submission Thread

    I really appreciate the review. I initially didn't intend to participate due to insecurities and lack of time, but got pushed to it and decided to create a small prototype. Glad to see you listing what you liked, and mention the few mistakes I made, which can and will be fixed :D I had some few...
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    Spooktober Spooktacular Game Jam Submission Thread

    Made my project in the span of three days, cause I didn't really have time. Just had some minor time to test it, so more of a prototype that I might take somewhere else in the future. Sadly, due to lack of time, there is a bug preventing a proper chase :'( h0tWalkers Spooktober
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    Lighting System

    Wow, super fast response. Cheers a @Kupotepo :kaojoy:
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    Lighting System

    Heya! Decided to take a break from my project and give the little spooktober jam a shot to refresh my rpg maker skills as it's been a few years since I used it. Not gotten into scripting yet, and my main project is still in the writing phase. So that leaves me with little to wonder... Is there...
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    How many times have you wanted to quit?

    I've quit a lot of projects. Some cause I felt I was at a stand still and gave up on it, rather than develop it. Some cause I requires certain resources, but I'm not good at say art. Not being able to create the tilesets needed often ended my earlier projects. Still can't do it, but now I'm able...
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    Wondering if anyone uses World Anvil for their rpgmaker games?

    I don't really use World Anvil due to the nature of it requiring internet. From when I dabbled with it, you didn't have to pay for it to get it to be efficient at all, it's quite a good platform to organize and keep your work organized. I see someone else mentioned other alternatives, and while...
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    Would This Be Weird

    Honestly, nothing is weird in terms of these formats when it comes to games. Even the worst combos can be great if put together correctly. A lot of games have hubs as either top down or an image where you just click on buildings and have a sort of visual novel approach to town interactions. Then...
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    how to write written sound of pain/yelling/spitting/roaring/swinging?

    sound of someone in pain like after they got slash by monster yAA~h, HOoo, gUUck To adress the first word first, it's generally a more feminine expression seen in a lot of JRPGs when being hit, i like to add "~" as in my notes, it refers to it being toned down, and end on a more quiet sound. the...
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    What can be done to make RMMZ to have overwhelming positive reviews?

    I was originally an XP user from way back when, this account was originally made to gather XP resources and lurk on the forums. Due to XP being rather outdated and a struggle with resources, i ended up leaving the RPG Making community (rpgrevolution shut down, never really interacted here at the...
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    Should puzzles be dumbed down to increase playability?

    Since most already have mentioned the important bits, I'd just put my tidy bit in here. Just like you increase your players skill in combat (easy encounters -> hard encounters), the difficulty scales up. It can be done in a balanced way, which teaches the player how to, go an easy route or dark...
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    RMMZ What game to do? You've chosen!

    I think Santai Hero sounds the most interesting. It's post-apocalyptic, social class based and i think it could work great. The collapse, perhaps hidden lore, encounters and that is what can really make it unique. Seeing as you say that the graphics is gonna be the hardest, it also appears to be...
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    Newbie here, sorry

    Like Frogboy mentioned, start with a small project. I've mostly lurked on the forums across the years, but one thing i always found interesting were the game challenges the mods hosts every now and again. A game evolving around a topic, a game taking place in just one location and so on. After...
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    Trailers: What kind of trailer do you like?

    There are tons of games out there, so the trailer is what usually makes or breaks a game for me. If the game is on steam, i quickly look over the screenshots, if it's caught my eye, i read the little summary under the games banner followed by watching the trailer if it peaks my interest...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    Returned after a long break from game design and RPG Maker in general. Been working on a town map, and while I'm still in early development in the map, its starting to take shape. I'd love for anyone to give their idea and input, especially for details, etc. Doors are to be added as events...

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