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  • The voting period has begun, everybody welcome! Please cast your vote in "Animation Competition - Vote!" in Community Announcements!
    It's not too late! With 5 hours left you can still make an animation to submit to the Animation Competition! See Community Announcements!
    16 more hours left in the Animation Competition! See details in the Community Announcements!
    A little more than 24 hours left to the Animation Competition! See details in Community Announcements!
    2 more days left to enter the Animation Competition and win prizes! Head over to Community Announcements for details!
    It's not too late! Submit your entries for the Animation Competition! 4 more days to go!
    One more week left to enter the Animation Competition! Show us what you can make with the engine!
    I'll hopefully be getting going with my entry sometime in the next couple of days.
    What kind of animation can you come up with? Show the world through the Animation Competition! Accepting entries until 3/14 and win prizes!
    Put your creativity to the test and enter the Animation Competition! Accepting entries until 3/14!
    Link please.
    Please check under Community Announcements
    Best of luck to everyone participating in the Animation Competition! Feel free to ask any questions via the thread or direct PM!
    Added some more Q&A to the ongoing Animation Competition. Everyone is encouraged to participate!
    Today marks the first-year anniversary of Animations Archive! Huge thanks to the community for supporting and helping me come this far! Go grab the free fireworks animation tailored for this occasion!
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    Thank you for the freebie.  And good luck for the second year.
    all i want is to pay you for your work and keep feeling amazed by it every day 
    Sorry but you can create many animation like super nova of FF7 or Ark of FF9 ?

    I want a animation where the Final Boss use for turn the heroes into a weak menace for him (Super nova of Sephiroth , Apocalypse of Ultimecia , but in sacred damage and less the solar system animation (My game is in a world of Medieval Fantasy and it's not a world like earth like FF7.) ?

    I plan to place my game on steam for early access once I am done with the video. Its pretty far along and I am asking for permission to use your animations. How may I credit you for their use? You can check out my game here, www.killergin.com.


    I saw your animation and will be using some in my game "The Radiant Stones" a working title. 
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