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    Khas Advanced Lighting v4.2 Ultra (now with real-time shadows!)

    Okay, I´m gonna ask something really wierd here, but I can´t seem to figure it out by myself and I feel I need to know. So sorry for dumb question coming up... Practically, what does WebGL-demand in RMMVplugin mean? Does it mean that my game have to be played through a web-browser? if I use...
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    TK - Class Icon

    This is great! I am also currently trying to put icons in the menu (items, skills, equipment, status and so on)... you don't happen to have a script for that? :owink:
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    Re-mapping of the "X"button for other purposes

    Hello everybody, I have checked for different ways to do this (Plugins, remapping, in editor commands, google & so on...) but haven´t been able to solve the problem... What I want is to remove the "open menu" functionality put on the "X" button on the keyboard. I still want the menu to open on...
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    Footstep sounds, making a complete one

    Will check it out! Thanks a bunch! :)
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    Footstep sounds, making a complete one

    I need a plugin that handles the footstep sounds for me. I thought Yanflys footstep sounds where the deal until I realized that there is no way to control the frequency in which the sound effect repeats. Then I found out that Galvs plug do let you adjust your own frequency. BUT I soon realized...
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    What Version of RPG Maker MV are you still using?

    Was using 1.5.1 but happened to notice that 1.5.2 works for my project as well so using that currently. 1.6.1 does not work for my project...
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    Follower movement/pattern adjustment

    is it the "Victor Engine" script you`r thinking of? either way, thanks for your feedback, appreciate all help I can get! :hswt:
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    Follower movement/pattern adjustment

    Hi! I have been searching far and wide (which offcourse does not guarantee that it isn´t right in front of me) for a plugin that lets me change the way followers follow me. As of now, I do not show the followers on map because of the ugly and non-immersive way the followers stick to your back...
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    Armor Animation

    This is what you need! ;)
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    In-Game Manual

    Did you figure it out? I can´t get past this exact error. Have tried everything mentioned in this thread, including controlling and testing the file name, the "main entries"...
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    There can be nothing but ambition, else there would be nothing.

    There can be nothing but ambition, else there would be nothing.
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    Timed Buffs and Debuffs

    I have one mayor thought that I cannot find the answer to. If I want the player to get Buffs bound by time rather than turns, how would that be done? Lets say the buff is held for 10 minutes, now matter how many or few battles engaged. Could this be done without a plugin or is there a plugin...
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    Exp Script value/Pattern

    Hello everyone! Don´t know if this has been taken care of in another thread, so sorry if it has. But I have spend the whole day trying to figure this out. Nothin, not even google is my friend anymore :( I´m trying to make a EXP-Gauge and a EXP "Numberdisplay" using OrangeHudGauge and...

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