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    Changing battle music during fight

    Use "play BGM"! 
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    Making turn-based battles not boring???

    I just wanted to make every battle as meaningful as possible, avoiding meaningless grinding at all costs.  Also, it needs a story, and it includes boss talking, acting, emotes etc. 
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    Orange Mapshot

    The new plugin works well on MV1.3. Many thanks!
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    [Dev] HMS - Hime Message System

    This is exactly I needed! this is quite handy because I don't have to draw every faceset for every NPC!
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    PIXI V2 to PIXI V3

    Keep up the good work!
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    Parallax map multiplies!

    Hmm right now the only solution is making the map size bigger and fill it up with black tiles.
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    After update to PIXI v3, parallax background doesn't work .. strange

    To fix the blurry parallax background in MV, I tried to update PIXI v2 to v3. Followed Instructions on Ramiro's PIXI v2 to PIXI v3, and this immediately solved the blurry issue.   But when I test run it, the parallax background shows like ... left and right are inverted. Does anyone...

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First Person Combat Test Video. Simply showing off a very early concept video for an open world 3D game in MV.
I spent ages to make this image and still dont like it.. How would you showcase a bunch of levels/maps in one single image?
Thank you all angels so much! I've received fanarts, fanfics, song cover, and Ko-fis and such wonderful messages already! T uT Look at this message I'm crying (Ko-fi was being mean saying it was anonymous but she was like nooo it's me and showed me).
Working on using DreamX's prefix suffix plugin to create unidentified weapons, armor and sellable loot. The weapons and armor will always draw from the highest tier you have the ability to create, keeping them relevant throughout most of the game. The loot is going to be the fun part! Let's just say I doubt I'll have any unused item entries
... I updated an enemy I drew last year.

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