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    Add Variables on Main Menu (LUNA)

    I'm trying to display 3 variables (18, 19, and 20) on the Main Menu, but I can't figure out how to do it. I want the variables to display strings (ex, $game_variables[18] = "Chapter 1"), they don't need icons or anything. I am trying to get them to display in that box on the right (attached...
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    EXP Bar Addon

    It's been working great so far!
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    EXP Bar Addon

    Thank you so much Archeia!! And anyone else who happened to contribute!
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    Let the building of my world... COMMENCE!

    Let the building of my world... COMMENCE!
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    V's Custom Animated Title Scene v2.7

    I absolutely love this script!  Thanks again so much for making this! Edit: There seems to be an issue... If I rotate an image clockwise (animation mode: 1, speed: 1, framerate: 4), the image moves exactly how I want it. But if I rotate it clockwise (mode: 2) and keep the rest the same, it...
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    How to Add Experience Bar to Main Menu

    I've seen that one before, but it only lets you use one style of bar. I'm already using custom HP/MP bars and I want to stick to that theme (hence, luna engine). But thank you for the suggestion, @Dungeonmind! 
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    Game & Map Screenshots 6

    So I've been lurking through these forums for a long time and I finally figured I'd post something. It isn't a lot, but I want to know what you guys think about the size of the map relative to the Player. I want to know if it looks okay before I start the painting process. It's supposed to be...
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    How to Add Experience Bar to Main Menu

    All right, so I've had Luna for a few days and almost have my main menu designed/built. I've been playing around with it, doing some practice rebuilds of the demos, etc. I'd love to know if it's possible to include an EXP bar on the main menu, one that uses a custom bar just like the HP and MP...
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    Kiss of Judas

    I think having someone familiar is a good idea to have on your side.... For starters, "Yeshua" is Jesus' name in its untranslated state. Yeshua = Joshua, Jesus = butchered translation into English. My point being, you now have two characters who, in the Bible, are the same guy. Was that...
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    The Amber Throne (Complete)

    I found these screenshots floating around google images but I could never find out the name of this game until now. I had been amazed at the pictures alone, but seeing it in action is a whole other matter!  Easily the best game I've seen visually on RPG Maker, and it's the new standard I hold my...
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    Script Call Support Boards

    Is there any way to completely empty the player's inventory with a script call? (Key)items, weapons, & armors?
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    [ACE] Custom Gallery Menu w/ Unlockable Extras Wanted!

    This thread has been resolved, so it can be closed now.

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