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  • Thinking of uploading magazine icons. Although I shouldn't think too much, there is one 'type' of magazine I really reconsider sharing. 'You know what I mean'... The thing that it is pixelated... So how can you 'see' it?! Besides, 'they' are dressed too... And this items could be useful for modern based rpg where for example, a man asking you to buy 'it' for him because he's shy or somethig... And reward you... Or a 'secret stash' qu...
    ..the rules when the time comes.
    Harland Sanders
    Harland Sanders
    Hmm I already created a thread (about a week ago) and have been updating it with newer icons. Is just that there is this icon is very questionable.... I will just have to wait and see if I would get a warning point hehe.... ^^; Besides, it's just 'suggestive' so it's fine right?... Hahahaha. Thanks for your thoughts anyway :)
    Hm.... Suggestive... How suggestive? o.o; Pm me a link?
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Less than a week and I can move into my new apartment and out of this bad situation. I'm so excited! Then game making power will increase. :kaoluv:
Enter the password in letters. (English subtitles)
I really tried to pull off something for halloween, but I don't feel like going on. I feel like the plot I was building was too generic, and I couldn't connect to it as I do with other projects. On the bright side, I've been working on my cosmic-puzzle project, so far I think the core mechanics are working properly, so I'll be creating some large test maps to see how it works out.
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--- X Costume ---

M.Healer: I'm wearing M.Mage's Costume.
M.Mage: I'm wearing M.Healer's Costume.
M.Knight: Why not using the Scary Costume like me,The Scary Frankenstein?
M.Healer: Err…Because we have low of Budget.
M.Mage: Yeah,right.

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