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  • Thinking of uploading magazine icons. Although I shouldn't think too much, there is one 'type' of magazine I really reconsider sharing. 'You know what I mean'... The thing that it is pixelated... So how can you 'see' it?! Besides, 'they' are dressed too... And this items could be useful for modern based rpg where for example, a man asking you to buy 'it' for him because he's shy or somethig... And reward you... Or a 'secret stash' qu...
    ..the rules when the time comes.
    Harland Sanders
    Harland Sanders
    Hmm I already created a thread (about a week ago) and have been updating it with newer icons. Is just that there is this icon is very questionable.... I will just have to wait and see if I would get a warning point hehe.... ^^; Besides, it's just 'suggestive' so it's fine right?... Hahahaha. Thanks for your thoughts anyway :)
    Hm.... Suggestive... How suggestive? o.o; Pm me a link?
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Got like a sudden surge of wish lists overnight. :)
The theory has been proved. Based on an invisible image's data(the big red dot in the previous image), RM can identify different parts of an enemy and do something respectively. :kaojoy:
Ok.. coding what should be a simple "everyone is petrified and therefore dead, now go to game over screen" shouldn't involve needing to become Dr. J and dunking from the free throw line(my way of saying "jumping through hoops").
Hmmmm... how many xrays til I get super powers?
..of the major old school series that began in the 80s- early 90s, I still haven't beaten 'a' Zelda game. Mario 64 was the first Mario I've beaten. I don't know if I should give that honor to Link to the Past or A Link Between Worlds(I currently own both). Well technically I've haven't beaten a Sonic either (Game Genie doesn't count =P).

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