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  • What does one do to get more players to check out ones game? I got an Itch page, Discord, Forum post wich I keep up to date. I even got to post on some other Discord servers. I mean i do get some visits and downloads. I guess the question is how do I get people to give feedback more frequently?
    The Stranger
    The Stranger
    Advertise. Facebook and Twitter are apparently decent for this, but there are other wasy to promote your game, too. Not saying spam links to your game everywhere, but talking about with people couldn't hurt.
    I'm trying to avoid the need of making an account on those socials. Also how do you people keep up with maintaining multiple social media pages in addition to actually making the game then?
    The Stranger
    The Stranger
    I have no idea, tbh. I don't use social media, either. lol. I've seen quite afew people maintain blogs dedicated to their games. Not sure how effective they are at drawing people in.
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Happy Friday, y'all! I just got home from work and am sitting down with a nice cider, and I'm ready to chill and enjoy myself. Not sure if I'm gonna dive into any of my game-related projects or not tonight.... we'll see how I feel after unwinding for a bit I guess!
Just found out that mint tea made from chocolate mint tastes a bit like hot cocoa with candy cane stirred in. As I'm allergic to chocolate this makes me very happy.
It's special day for me tomorrow so time to vanish for 24 hours lol.
So Deltarune Chapter 2 is supposed to release today... if it's out already, has anyone played it? And I can't because I have a stinking Mac and not a Windows PC.

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