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    Praise be the Moderators

    I see what you did there... :D
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    RMMV Dungeon Rummage - Another Isekai?!
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    Common event with a timer makes player flee battle automatically.

    Yeah, as I said, I got what you were saying after reading it again. ALready fixed the issue aswell. Basically what you do, is to call another common event wich turns on a switch, wich activates the actualy common event running on parallel. But yeah, thanks alot for the input and the code ! Much...
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    Common event with a timer makes player flee battle automatically.

    It's supposed to run only once. Until the player uses the skill that call upon that event again. Trigger is none, as i would need to input a switch for no reason. So it's neither parallel nor automatic. I just wonder why it then runs at all, but doesn't display the msg. Scratch that. I just...
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    Common event with a timer makes player flee battle automatically.

    Thanks for the response @TheTitan99 ! Much appreciated! Very awesome to even provide the code! Apparently, the Common event isn't working properly in general either. The timer starts, np. But even out of combat it doesn't show the message or anything. Tried to do a "Erase event" too but that's...
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    Common event with a timer makes player flee battle automatically.

    Title. I'm having a common event for a skill that acts as a detector for hidden chests. It runs for a certain time and then wears off. It's rather simple. I don't know how and why it would do that. Apparently one of my players also said that you could find chests even after the timer runs out...
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    Your RTP Edits Here

    Looking pretty sweet. Thanks for sharing! :D
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    Help with a bicycle key item like Pokemon or Lisa the Painful?

    Use item>Common event on (Do the changes, turn switch on for common event 2 that checks for the key press you want to dissable your bike) at the end of common event 2, turn the switch off again. So 2 switches total.
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    Game recommendations (read description please)

    Well. My game will have relationships. Not exactly your topic tho. Sounds like you wanted a classic RPG experience. But hey, at least it's free so you can check it out until you find something else? :D (Not a shameless self-ad at all :D) I can always recommend Vampires Dawn. It's old but I...
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    Blurry graphics and low resolution

    Windows 10 doesn't like these old things. A friend of mine had a game on VX Ace. Performance tanks down to 15 fps on WIndows 10. Maybe try to run these old things with compatibility mode?
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    Praise be the Moderators

    Im too new to really know what's going on with the mods here. But when someone makes a post to praise them, I feel compelled to join in. So without further ado, here's some praise.
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    Thoughts on using skills from existing games?

    I think it's relatively natural to have stuff "copied" from other games. Even if you make up your skill completely on your own you'll probably come across a skill in another game that does pretty much the same thing as yours. I myself do not think of copying other games, I do them myself and...
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    RMMV Save File modification.

    I don't see how this would be awkward. You're probably going to have a fade out event after beating the game anyway. So just transfer the guy, save, transfer back, or do whatever you intended for the end. This happens pretty much instantly and nobody will ever notice.
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    Problem with character generator

    Could be in the wrong folder. Eatch asset has multiple images. The face image, TV, SV and TVD along with the mask files. Unless thei're all in the right place and named correctly, it won't work. I recommend using the tool I mentioned. It takes care of all of that and you can import the...

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