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    to many ideas, not enough time

    to many ideas, not enough time
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    Let a random team member speak

    Well, that happens. You can not always foresee every action a player does. Unfortunately I like to give players ultimate freedom and to make their own choices :D. In Strange Legacy, one of biggest projects so far (Some kind of elder scrolls/rings of medusa rpg), this ended up in 50-100 of...
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    Let a random team member speak

    You never know: In my game you can assemble a squad freely. So you can kick party-members out and add new ones. So far I blocked the possibility in-game by forcing the player to assemble a squad before he can leave the headquarter. I stumbled upon this mistake during testing, as my starting...
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    Let a random team member speak

    I'd like to add a little problem with the code above. In case you don't have any team members in your squad, the while loop will run forever. This will cause the game to stuck. If you want to use this piece of code in your own game, you should use this code instead (it's not super awesome, but...
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    Cyberpunk Ressources

    I'd like to add one little discovery. It's a soldier which can be used for cyberpunk as well as science fiction or dark future settings. It has been made by dasbilligealien and allows to create several types of soldiers with different guns (photoshop included)...
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    Changing Starter Volume

    @dbchest: I understand your humanist concept dbchest and usually I would go and try myself (maybe I would have been successful wasting hours of spare time after 50 hours of job). Usually if I can provide a solution I prefer the method of Alhandra. I'm still happy you answered to the thread...
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    Changing Starter Volume

    Thank you, this will help me and hopefully others with the same problem (and my hopefully not yet deaf players). I admit at the moment I want to concentrate in making the game and game graphics. So reading through source code in my free time can be fun, if you designed the game entirely...
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    Changing Starter Volume

    I want to reset the starter volume of the music and sound for my game. So far I tried to reset these in rpg_managers.js: AudioManager._masterVolume = 0.5; // (min: 0, max: 1) AudioManager._bgmVolume = 50; AudioManager._bgsVolume = 50; AudioManager._meVolume = 50...
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    RMMV Free - Goddessfall

    Ok done, somehow the English version seems to me a little bit cooler. I've shortened dialogues, solved some problems that the German version had and I even laughed about my own jokes (yeah I know :ysad:). Hm, we will see what a native speaker says about this. I will upload the English...
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    Cyberpunk Ressources

    These are nice, thank you :). I have to add two links as well:
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    Cyberpunk Ressources

    @bhindi1224 Thanks, yes I think it should be this way and I don't intend to use them outside of RPG Maker. It's just for this game. Maybe we will get an official statement. @Vincent Thank you, that will help me, as I already designed characters to be the bad guys.
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    Cyberpunk Ressources

    Here it goes! Heindal should follow his own advices: Justin Nichol: Justin Nichol: Justin Nichol: Justin Nichol...
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    Cyberpunk Ressources

    I've just found these, maybe they are interesting for someone else. They are a little too cute for my project. And my own stuff, sigh. Can't use this one either.
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    Where to get background image?

    You could try There you can find many images, also background images that I've used for my games and tutorials. Each picture shows the licence and the condition under which they can be used. Creative Common By usually allows you to use the pictures for private and...
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    Cyberpunk Ressources

    I'm currently looking for any resources for my cyberpunk game. Currently I'm developing a world map and a spaceship, I could do that with normal tile parts however. I can make new faces and actors with the figure creation tool. But the "enemies" are a real problem. They all look to "fantasy...

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