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  1. Options Menu

    I thought script editor was removed in RMMV Will a plugin deal with it? If so, then please leave a link to the plugin download^^
  2. Additional Screen Before Title Screen

    Hi everyone Can anybody help me with my game? How I wanted it to be is an additional screen before the title screen starts. Normally, when the game run, it will open the title screen and you can click the new game to start playing the game. But what I wanted it to be is a screen...
  3. Options Menu

    Hey there, Is it possible to remove some settings at the option on RPG Maker MV? For example, I don't want the ME and BGS to be available at the option menu, and adding another setting like display player followers. Thanks :)
  4. layer order of skill animation

    Is it happening to all enemies or only the minotaur? If it's only happening to minotaur, maybe there's something wrong with the axis And, have you try using plugin? I used yanfly plugin and it fix some issues in the SV Battle system. Hope I helps
  5. Changing Weapon Attack Animation

    Maybe you could make a new weapon that do fire animation. So, there are 2 weapons. And when you use the skill, it will call a common event that change your weapon into the new fiery weapon you just made. Or other option, and maybe the best option, plugin.
  6. Adding Variables to Gain States or Skills...

    I'm not really sure what do you mean. But yeah, you can make a skill that will grow by using common events. So when you do a skill, it will call a common event that gives new skill to the character. And after the skill have been use, it will call another common event that will remove that skill...
  7. The Gradient Code Color

    You can change color eye easily at the character generator. At the eye section, you can see the variation and the eye color. Click the eye color and select the color you want. Hope it works the way you want it to be XD
  8. Limits to custom abilities/spells?

    And again, the answer is plugin XD I'm using YEP (Yanfly Engine Plugin) to do those things There are a lot plugins made by YEP. But the plugins you need is gonna be: Battle Engine Core and Action Sequence. Here is the YEP link, But I have no idea how could you change the...
  9. Ship/Boat access area.

    You can also use a plugin. This plugin called Save Event Location by YEP (Yanfly Engine Plugin). Here is the link, Download the plugin, and move it Documents\Games\<your project name here>\js\plugins Open your RPG Maker, go to plugins...
  10. About working on my project on two different systems

    It shouldn't be any problem, all of your game files were save at documents\games. If you don't mess your game folder and move it to your portable passport, it should be fine. As long as the new device contains RPG Maker MV.
  11. Center Text in Show Text Command?

    I don't think there's one... Maybe you must add some space to made it the way you want it to be XD You can only set text window position to bottom, middle, and top. But you can't set the text alignment
  12. Can I change the save slots?

    Thanks, it works
  13. Can I change the save slots?

    Is it possible to change the save slot? By default, the save slots is 20, but I want it to be 4... Thanks :)
  14. I need help with side battle

    Actually, you can use the side view battle system without any plugins. But it's much better to use plugin... I used YEP (yanfly engine plugins) for the side view battle system. Here is the link where you can download the plugins: Battle Engine Core...

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